(Download) IAS (Main) General Studies (Geography) Sample Paper: 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main General Studies Geography Sample Paper

1. Answer the following (in about 250 words for each answer)
(a) Highlights the country specific approach of the Union Government in the field of water resources development with our neighboring countries. Suggest some suggestion which can be taken into consideration while formulating this policy.
(b) Efficient and reliable energy supplies are a precondition for accelerated growth of the Indian economy. In this context critically analyse the energy security policy of government India and also suggests some measures, to make India a energy efficient country.

2. Answer any two of the following in about 150 words each:
(a) The National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency.
(b) Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewable Mission
(c) National Mission for sustainable Agriculture.

3. Answer any two of the following in about 100 words each
(a) Differences between Himalayan River System and Peninsular river system.
(b) Name the main physiographic divisions of India and give the salient features of each division.
(c) Discuss the National Food Security Mission

4. Answer any two of the following about 150 words each
(a) Discuss about Jawahar Lal Nehru National Solar Mission.
(b) What are the major Components do the Integrated forest protection scheme?
(c) Highlights the differences between Maharatna Scheme and Navaratna Scheme

5. Write brief but precise note on any six of the following your answer should not exceed 50 words in each case
(a) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
(b) Second Green revolution
(c) Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitran Yojana
(d) Coal Bed Methane
(e) Shale Gas
(f) Ultra Mega Power Project
(g) Dedicated freight corridor project.

6. Answer any three of the following in about 150 words each
(a) What are ways through which forest are destroyed? What happens when the forests are destroyed?
(b) Discuss a road map to control flood in India.
(c) Discuss about the inland water transport in India?
(d) How far the inter-basin water transfer link can be helpful to tackle water problem in India? Analyse.

7. Answer any five of the following in about 150 words each
(a) Difference between tropical wet evergreen forest and Tidal or Swamp Forest.
(b) Discuss about the forward trading and forward market commission.
(c) What are the major policy initiatives taken by the ministry of food processing Industries to given an impetus to development of food processing sector in the country.
(d) Discuss about these following scheme
(i) Village Grain sank scheme
(ii) Antyodaya Anna Yojana
(iii) Annapurana Scheme.
(e) How far government has successful to implement prevention of food adulteration programme assess?
(f) Government has recently issued a comprehensive guidelines on corporate social responsibility for central public sector enterprises in this context can you suggest  what is corporate social responsibility? How far it is useful in Indian Context?

8. Answer each of the following, briefly but precisely. Each answer should be less than 50 words
(a) Archean Rocks
(b) National Mineral Policy, 2008.
(c) Skill Development Initiative
(d) ICDS
(f) Watershed Development Programme.

9. Write brief notes on each of the following in about 20 words each
(b) Mango Showers
(c) Social Forestry
(d) K G Basien
(e) Project Elephant
(f) Biosphere reserve
(g) Sethu samundram ship channel project
(h) Vansadhra project

10. Write Brief notes on each of the following personalities of the Indian national movement. Each answer should not exceed of 20 words.
(a) Gulf of Kutch marine national park
(b) Maheswar dam
(c) green house gas
(d) REEDt
(f) Green India Mission
(g) Seabuckthorn
(h) Bioremediation.

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