(Download) IAS (Main) Geography Optional Paper-I : 2011

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IAS Main Geography Optional Paper-I

1. On the outline map of World provided to you, mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) mark is given to each correct entry. Write in your answer script the significant geographical relevance or strategic importance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/ economical/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry. 3(three) marks are allotted for each write-up. 4 × 15 = 60
(a) Belfast
(b) Kyoto
(c) Steppes
(d) Kiev
(e) Borneo
(f) Peruvian current
(g) Namib desert
(h) Danube
(i) Lesotho
(j) Broken Hill
(k) Lake Victoria
(l) Persian Gulf
(m) Nuuk
(n) Sydney
(o) Cape Town

2. Discuss the various factors that control the landform development. 60

3. (a) Highlight the geomorphic features essentially found in topographies under the first cycle of erosion. 30
(b) Discuss how the continental drift theory has influenced the plate tectonics theory. 30

4. (a) Discuss the physical conditions of Earth’s interior. 30
(b) Examine the concept of Isostasy. 30

5. Write about the following in about 250 words each: 15 × 4 = 60
(a) Endogenetic and Exogenetic forces
(b) Causes and effects of sea level changes
(c) Applied Geomorphology
(d) Importance of coral reefs and measures to protect them

6. (a) Discuss the bottom topography of Atlantic Ocean. 30
(b) Examine the types of ocean deposits and their importance for mankind. 30

7. Examine the spatial variation of salinity and discuss the factors that influence the salinity of the ocean. 60

8. (a) Give a vivid account of ocean currents of Pacific Ocean. 30
(b) Analyze the spatial distribution of marine resources, over Earth’s surface. 30

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