(Download) IAS (Main) Geography Optional Paper-II : 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main
Geography Optional Paper - II

1. On the outline map of India provided to you, mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) mark is given to each correct entry. Write in your answer script the significant geographical relevance or strategic importance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/economical/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry. 3(three) marks are allotted for each write-up. 15x4=60
(a) Jawahar Tunnel
(b) Chambal
(c) Singur
(d) Anand
(e) Vembanad Lake
(f) Sriharikota
(g) Dimapur
(h) Leh
(i) Amritsar
(j) Nizam Sagar
(k) Manas
(l) Bokaro
(m) Sunderbans
(n) Panipat
(o) Dibrugarh

2. Explain the mechanism of Indian monsoon and rainfall patterns. Discuss how it gives rise to floods & droughts in India. 60

3. (a) Discuss the spatial distribution of soil types in India with the help of a sketched map. 30
(b) Examine the problems and prospects of Natural Vegetation in India. 30

4. (a) Discuss the various physiographic regions of India. 30
(b) Examine the space relationship of India with neighbouring countries. 30

5. Write about the following in about 250 words each: 15 × 4 = 60
(a) Energy crisis
(b) Climatic regions of India
(c) Examine the link between surface water utilization and food production in India.
(d) Steps taken in India to conserve marine resources.

6. (a) Discuss the emerging pattern of utilization of land resources in India. 30
(b) Assess as to how land resources utilization affects the economy and ecology in the country. 30

7. (a) Examine the spatial variation in the distribution of forest and wild life resources in India. 30
(b) Discuss the prospects of alternate energy resources in India. 30

8. (a) “India is poor because nature has endowed her with limited mineral resources.” How far do you agree with this statement? 30
(b) Examine the affect of mining on economy and ecology of a region. 30

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