(Download) IAS (Main) General Studies (International) Sample Paper: 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main General Studies International Sample Paper

1. Answer the following (in about 250 words for each answer): 20×2=40
(a) What do you understand by the term Currency War? Bring out the recent Controversy between China and US over Currency depreciation?
(b) Trace the transformation of BRIC into BRICS. Bring out the implications of expanded cooperation among BRICS to the world.

2. Answer the following about 150 words each: 12×2=24
(a) Comment on the present status of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
(b) Write about new START Treaty and its positive impact on US-Russia relations.

3. Answer the following in about 150 words each: 12×2=24
(a) Bring out the reason why Gulf of Aden has been in the news.
(b) Trace the origin of ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom) why ETA has been in news recently.

4. Answer the following in about 150 words each.
(a) Write about (Ground Zero Mosque) Park 51 project.
(b) Give a detailed account of Disarmament treaties.

5. Write brief but precise notes on any six of the following. Your answer should not exceed 50 words in each case. 5×6=30
(a) GNH
(b) Treaty of Pelindaba
(c) Kanishka report
(d) Banana Republic
(e) Schengen Area.
(f) Lisbon Treaty.
(g) Kimberley process Certification Scheme.

6. Answer the following in about 150 words each. 12×3=36
(a) Why Arctic Sea route between Europe and Asia was in news in August 2010.
(b) Write about ICJS Judgment on Kosovo’s independence and write your views on implications of this judgment.
(c) Write a short note on Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus Customs Union.

7. Answer any five of the following in about 150 words each. 12×5=60
(a) What is Perestroika? Bring out its implication.
(b) Southern Sudanese independence referendum, 2011.
(c) The 2011 Egyptian revolution
(d) The 2011 Libyan civil war.
(e) European Austerity Measures.
(f) Tunisia’s Political Crisis.

8. Answer each of the following briefly but precisely. Each answer should be less than 50 words. 5×6=30
(a) IRENA.
(b) IONS.
(c) WIPO.
(d) Asia Pacific Community.
(e) World Anti Doping Agency.
(f) UNSC.

9. Write brief notes on each of the following in about 20 words each. 2×8=16
(a) Twitter
(b) Wikipedia
(c) OHCHR.
(d) FMCT.
(e) ICTT.
(f) IWD.
(g) WEF.
(h) Interpol.

10. Write brief notes on each of the following. Each answer should not exceed 20 words. 2×8=16
(a) Confrence on Disarmament
(b) Golden Globe Awards
(c) Crystal Award
(d) Elysee Treaty
(f) OSCE
(h) Global Competitiveness Report.

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