(Download) IAS (Main) Geography Optional Paper-III : 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main Geography Optional Paper - III

1. On the outline map of World provided to you, mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) mark is given to each correct entry. Write in your answer script the significant geographical relevance or strategic importance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/ economical/ ecological/ environmental/ cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry. 3(three) marks are allotted for each write-up. 4 × 15 = 60
(a) Gran Chaco
(b) Shanghai
(c) Dead Sea
(d) Dublin
(e) Vienna
(f) Selvas
(g) Tarim basin
(h) Atacama desert
(i) Ebro
(j) Katanga
(k) Haiti
(l) Juba
(m) Strait of Gibraltar
(n) Maitri
(o) Seychelles

2. Discuss the global climatic changes and role and response of man in climatic changes. 60

3. (a) Discuss the heat budget of Earth and outline the factors that are adding dynamicity to it. 30
(b) Discuss the similarities and differences between temperate and tropical cyclones. 30

4. (a) Discuss the Koppen’s classification of world climate. 30
(b) How does atmospheric stability and instability affects the weather of a region? Discuss with suitable examples. 30

5. Write about the following in about 250 words each: 15 × 4 = 60
(a) Applied climatology
(b) Soil profile
(c) Hydrological cycle
(d) Major gene pool centres

6. (a) Discuss the classification and distribution of soil over the Earth’s surface. 30
(b) Discuss the benefits of social and agro forestry. 30

7. Discuss the factors leading to soil degradation and suggest measures to combat w ith this chronic problem. 60

8. (a) Discuss the factors influencing the world distribution of plants and animals. 30
(b) Discuss the problems of deforestation and conservation measures. 30

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