(Download) IAS (Main) Geography Optional Paper - V : 2011

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IAS Main Geography Optional Paper - V

1. On the outline map of World provided to you, mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) mark is given to each correct entry. Write in your answer script the significant geographical relevance or strategic importance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/ economical/ ecological/ environmental/ cultural innot more than 30 words for each entry. 3(three) marks are allotted for each write-up. 4×15=60
(a) Nairobi
(b) Geneva
(c) Pustaz
(d) Khartoum
(e) Bali
(f) Aghulas current
(g) Kara Kum
(h) Mekong
(i) Kosovo
(j) Kiruna
(k) Lake Winnipeg
(l) Bay of Biscay
(m) Asuncion
(n) Auckland
(o) Kinshasa

2. Discuss with examples the global and regional ecological changes and imbalances. Outline strategies to mitigate the ill effects arisen due to these changes. 60

3. (a) How far do you agree with the fact that conservation of biodiversity is important for sustainable development? Comment 30
(b) Discuss the importance of environment policies. 30

4. “Nature dictates the behaviour of man”. How far do you agree with this statement, discuss with suitable examples. 60

5. Write about the following in about 250 words each: 15 × 4 = 60
(a) Environment Education and Legislation
(b) Relevance of concept of areal differentiation in geography
(c) Principle of ecology
(d) Environmentalism

6. (a) Discuss the importance of Human Development Index. 30
(b) Critically analyse the methodology adopted by the UNDP to measure the Human Development Index. 30

7. Examine the influence of languages, religions and secularisation in shaping the geographical landscape of the earth. 60

8. (a) Give a vivid account of cultural regions of the world. 30
(b) “Radical and Welfare approaches in geography are complementary to each other.” Comment 30

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