(Download) IAS (Main) Geography Optional Paper - VII : 2011

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IAS Main Geography Optional Paper - VII

1. On the outline map of World provided to you, mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) mark is given to each correct entry. Write in your answer script the significant geographical relevance or strategic importance of these locations, whether physical/commercial/ economical/ ecological /environmental /cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry. 3(three) marks are allotted for each write-up. 4×15=60
(a) Canterbury Plains
(b) Brunswick
(c) Tonle Sap
(d) Jeddah
(e) Bern
(f) Pampas
(g) Ural mountain
(h) Californian desert
(i) Chindwin
(j) Artesian Basin of Australia
(k) Falkland islands
(l) Zagreb
(m) Strait of Malacca
(n) Himadri
(o) Diego Garcia

2. Discuss the methods of measuring the world economic development. Also discuss the problems or limitations associated with such methods. 60

3. (a) “Nature has discriminated between regions while endowing them with natural resources.” How far do you agree with this statement? 30
(b) Discuss the strategies that can reduce the global regional imbalances. 30

4. Discuss the causes that can lead to famine. Also discuss the remedies to avert such situation. 60

5. Write about the following in about 250 words each: 15×4= 60
(a) Limits to growth
(b) Over-under-and optimum population
(c) Energy Crises
(d) Primate city and rank-size rule

6. Discuss the problems associated with urbanisation. Suggest remedies to o vercome such problems. 60

 7. (a) Discuss the environmental issues associated with rural settlements. 30
(b) Discuss the relevance of population theories in geography. 30

8. Discuss the causes and consequences of migration. 60

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