(Download) IAS (Main) History Optional Paper - I : 2011

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IAS Main History Optional Paper - I

1. Mark the following places on the map supplied to you and write short descriptive notes on the places plotted by you on the map
(i) Harappa
(ii) Lothal
(iii) Mohenjodaro
(iv) Mirzapur
(v) Daimabad
(vi) Sannati
(vii) Koldhihwa
(viii) Mehargarh
(ix) Burzhome
(x) Dhollavira
(xi) Indraprastha
(xii) Ahichattra
(xiii) Kashi
(xiv) Gandhar
(xv) Magadh
(xvi) Kausambi
(xvii) Kapilvastu
(xviii) Kushinagar
(xix) Vaishali
(xx) Kundalvan

2. Discuss the sources and approaches to study early Indian history 60

3. Define distribution and significance of pre- Harappan era lead way back to neolithic phase with special reference to pastoral and agricultural communities. 60

4. (a) Analyse the causes of decline of Indus valley civilization. 30
(b) Was Indus Valley civilization an urban civilization? Give evidences in support of your view. 30

5. Write short essays in not more than 200 words each on any three of the following topics: 20 × 3 = 60
(a) The religion of Indus valley civilization
(b) Rigvedic religion
(c) Later vedic society
(d) Brahmans and Sanhitas

6. Teachings of Mahavira and Budha were the demand of the time. How did Budha was more practical in the approach than Mahavira? 60

7. (a) Discuss the process and causes of rise of Mahajanpadas. 30
(b) How did Magadh had an upper hand and started imperialism? 30

8. (a) Pair of chankaya-Chandragupta did the mega task of making a pan India empire under Mauryas first ever in Indian history. Explain. 30
(b) How did the policy of Ashoka was much ahead of its time and can get along very well in present foreign policy of any country? 30

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