(Download) IAS (Main) Public Administration Optional Paper-II : 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main
Public Administration Optional Paper - II

1. Comment on any Three of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20 × 3 = 60 Marks
(a) “Mary Parker Follett was far ahead of her times.” Comment
(b) “ ‘Consensus’ and ‘Unanimity’ are used as styles in decision – making.” Comment.
(c) “Administrative efficiency is enhanced by keeping at a minimum the number of organizational levels through which a mater must pass before it is acted upon.” – (Herbert A. Simon). Comment.
(d) “Modifications of basic findings of Elton Mayo by Behavioural Scientists.” Comment.

2. Critically examine the models of Max Weber and Chester I. Barnard with reference to ‘bureaucratic authority.’ 60 Marks

3 (a) Examine the basic postulates of the Human Relations Theory and show how far it differs from the classical theory of organizations. 30 Marks
(b) Rabble hypothesis cannot be totally rejected in present metro society of India. Analyze.30 Marks

4. ”Frederick Herzberg’s Two-factor theory is more or less an extension of Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation.” Explain. What are the main reasons behind the low motivation level of civil servants in India? Analyze the reasons with reference to researches of Maslow and Herzberg. 60 Marks

5. Comment on any Three of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20 × 3 = 60 Marks
(a) A manager must compare traditional and modern theories of management before deriving his own way.Comment in the light of McGregor’s view.
(b) “Motivation theory is not synonymous with behaviour theory.”Comment.
(c) “Communication is authority”.’ Comment.
(d) “Morale and Productivity go hand in hand and higher the morale, higher the productivity.” Comment

6. What is morale? State its significance and suggest methods to foster and sustain morale in an organization. 60 Marks

7. Examine the view that Systems theory, despite its promises to the contrary, followed similar patterns that characterized the Structural Classical theories. 60 Marks

8. The ‘decision-making scheme, and ‘satisfying model’ of Herbert A Simon is the major component of administrative theory. Examine the respective roles of facts and values in the decision-making process. It is possible to make value – free decision in government system? 60 Marks

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