(Download) IAS (Main) Public Administration Optional Paper - VI : 2011

Union Public Service Commission
IAS Main
Public Administration Optional Paper - VI

1. Comment on any Three of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20 × 3 = 60 Marks
(a) Comment:” The Governor of a State wears two hats, and therefore, dilemmas have arisen in practice”.
(b) Comment: “It is a major challenge to balance the role of District Collector with the powers of democratic bodies”.
(c) Comment: “District Administration is like a small tortoise carrying the load of an elephant”.
(d) Comment: “The legislative and financial relations between Union and State governments are more biased towards Union government”.

2. The role of local self-government in the state administration is of considerable importance. Evaluate the statement in the context of the changes after 73rd and 74th amendments. 60 Marks

3 (a) “State Directorates are administrative and implementation units assisting the Department functioning from the Secretariat’. Explain. 30 Marks
(b) “In the Chief Secretary, the State Government has an officer whose counterpart does not available in the Union Government”. Elucidate. 30 Marks

4. Critically review the evolving relationship between the district magistrate and the superintendent of police in the field of law and order management in a district”. 60 Marks

5. Comment on any Three of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20 × 3 = 60 Marks
(a) Comment: “Special development programmes seek to solve special problems, but their successful implementation depends on complex inter-institutional linkages”.
(b) Comment: ‘NGOs are fast replacing the government in the implementation of a large number of programmes’.
(c) Comment: “As such for district plan to be meaningful, there has to be a District list”
(d) “The District Rural Development Agency is presently serving as the nodal agency of rural development at the district level”. Comment.

6. “Do you think that the Constitutionalisation of three-tier Federalism in India will be a viable model for a future liberal democracy.” Describe 60 Marks

7. “The position of Governors towards exercising their discretion and powers has considerably changed after 1967”.Discuss. 60 Marks

8. “The Chief Minister symbolizes ruling power structure and is the real executive head of the State Government.” Discuss the above statement in the light of his position in present Coalition Government. 60 Marks

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