(Download) Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2011-2012


Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2011-2012

Exam Name: Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers

Year: 2011-2012

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Question no. 1 : Choose the correctly matched pairs from the following.
State Governor

a) Karnataka Hansraj Bharadwaj
b) Kerala M.O.Hasan Farook Maricar
c) Tripura Dr. D. Y. Patil
d) Punjab M. K. Narayan
1) only b, c, d 
2) only c, d
3) only a, b, c 
4) only a, c, d
Question no. 2 : Which of the following statement/s is/are true or false ?
a) Sex ratio is a sensitive index that reflects the status of women in any society.
b) Percentage of women in the Parliament is only 8.8%. Spaces that are considered to be important for decision making, we find that women are absent.
c) Within the Indian Informal Sector, women labour force constitute the largest proportion.
d) Since its inception, „Targeted Public Distribution System‟, has led to a situation where the poorest of the poor women had to face an adverse effect.
1) a - true, b - true, c - true d - true
2) a - false, b - true, c - true d - true
3) a - true, b - false, c - false d - false
4) a - false, b - true, c - false d - true
Question no. 3 : Which state of India has the following characteristics ?
1) Eastern part has a large biodiversity.
2) Western part is famous for tourism.
3) It accepts the migration from all states.
1) Uttar Pradesh 
2) Maharashtra
3) Karnataka 
4) Tamil Nadu
Question no. 4 : Match the following.
List I                                                                                                                                              List II

1) A continuous increase in general price level                                                                      a) Hyper inflation
2) Raising prices deliberately to relieve depression.                                                              b) Disinflation
3) Fall in prices without a decline in the existing level of employment output and income.    c) Stagflation
4) Recession accompanied by inflation.                                                                                 d) Reflation
e) Inflation
1) 1 – e, 2 – a, 3 – b, 4 – d
2) 1 – a, 2 – c, 3 – b, 4 – e
3) 1 – a, 2 – d, 3 – e, 4 – c
4) 1 – e, 2 – d, 3 – b, 4 – c
Question no. 5 : Which of the following statement/s regarding endosulphan is / are correct ?
a) It is an organochlorine pesticide.
b) Its ban was negotiated at Vienna convention in 2011.
c) It is acutely neurotoxic to insects and mammals.
1) a and c 
2) a, b and c
3) b and c 
4) only a
Question no. 6 : India signed the 4th Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) in February 2011 with a country, considered as a tax heaven. This TIEA is with ........
1) Bermuda 
2) Bahamas
3) Virgin Islands 
4) Isle of Man
Question no. 7 : Fundamental Rights are known as “Fundamental”, because .......
a) they cannot be amended or modified through ordinary legislation.
b) they are essential for all-round development of human beings.
c) they are enforciable in the court of law.
d) they are incorporated in III part of the constitution.
1) b, c, d 
2) b, c 
3) a, b, d 
4) a, b, c
Question no. 8 : As per the Budget 2011-12, from which of the following the maximum revenue will be collected ?
1) Income tax 
2) Custom duty
3) Corporate tax 
4) Excise tax
Question no. 9 : Oil spilling causes –
a) decrease in rate of photosynthesis.
b) oil reaches the roots of mangroves and they die.
c) decrease in amount of dissolved oxygen.
d) increase in possibility of fire.
Identify the correct consequences mentioned above.
1) only a and b 
2) only a, b and c
3) only a and c 
4) all are correct
Question no. 10 : Which among the following forest types is having maximum areal coverage in India ?
1) Tropical moist deciduous
2) Tropical dry deciduous
3) Tropical evergreen
4) Tropical thorny
Question no. 11 : Which of the following statement/s is/are not true ?
a) Super bugs are drug resistant microorganisms.
b) Primary cause of drug resistance is genetic mutation.
1) only a 
2) only b
3) both a and b 
4) neither a nor b
Question no. 12 : Which of the following pair/s is correctly matched ?
a) Harappan Civilization – Painted Gray Ware
b) The Kushanas – Gandhara School of Art
c) The Mughals – Ajanta paintings
d) The Marathas – Pahari School of painting
1) a and d 
2) only b
3) b and c 
4) a, b and d
Question no. 13 : A judge of either High Court or the Supreme Court of India can be removed from the office by following the process of Impeachment. Which of the following alternatives correctly explains the process ?
a) A motion signed by either 50 members of Rajya Sabha or 100 members of Lok Sabha kickstarts the process.
b) A committee to investigate charges of misconduct is formed by either the Chairman of Rajya Sabha or the Speaker of Lok Sabha.
c) Motion has to be passed by each House with 2/3rd majority and followed by an address to the President for removal.
1) only a 
2) only a and b
3) All the above 
4) only b and c
Question no. 14 : Consider following statements regarding Jaitapur Power Project
a) Safety concerns regarding EPR technology.
b) Reactor is based on Thorium based fuel cycle.
c) Concern that effluent water will affect coastal ecology.
Which of the above statements are true ?
1) a and c 
2) b and c
3) a and b 
4) all of the above
Question no. 15 : Which of the following statement/s is/are true regarding USB ?
a) Its full form is Universal Service Bus.
b) USB-3.0 has transmission speed of upto 5 GBPS.
c) Development of USB began in 1994.
d) USB is an industry standard that defines cable, connectors and protocols used for connection and communication.
1) only a 
2) b, c and d
3) c and d 
4) b and c
Question no. 16 : Which of the following statement/s is/are correct ?
a) Olympic Games, 2012 will be held in London, England.
b) Commonwealth Games, 2014 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.
c) ICC Cricket World Cup, 2015 will be held in England.
d) FIFA World Cup, 2012 will be held in Brazil.
1) only a 
2) a and b
3) a, b and c 
4) all of the above
Question no. 17 : Which of the following statement/s is/are true ?
a) Somatic stem cells are isolated from blastocytes.
b) Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent.
1) only b 
2) only a
3) neither a nor b 
4) both a and b
Question no. 18 : Which of the following statements is/are incorrect ?
a) The first official census was conducted in 1881.
b) The first unofficial census was conducted during the tenureship of Lord Mayo.
c) The 2011 census was the 15th official census.
1) only a and b 
2) only a and c
3) only c 
4) none of the above
Question no. 19 : Which of the following statement/s regarding Green House Effect is / are true ?
a) Life can sustain without Green House Effect.
b) Green House Effect causes global warming.
1) only a 
2) only b
3) both a and b 
4) neither a nor b
Question no. 20 : The concept of economic growth is ........
1) unidimensional in nature measuring growth in national income.
2) related to resource development but not to human development.
3) related to development but not to deprivation.
4) multi-dimensional growth incorporating non-economic aspects also.

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