(Download) Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2012-2013


Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2012-2013

Exam Name: Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers

Year: 2012-2013

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Question no. 1 : Match the following Lists.
Lest I                                 List II

a) Allauddin Khilji               1) Building Canals
b) Qutubuddin Mubarak Khilji      2) Market system
c) Mohammad Tughlak               3) Adoption of the  caliph‟s title
d) Feroz Tughlak                  4) Use of token currency
1) a – 2, b – 3, c – 4, d – 1
2) a – 1, b – 2, c – 3, d – 4
3) a – 4, b – 3, c – 2, d – 1
4) a – 2, b – 4, c – 3, d – 1
Question no. 2 : Which of the following Countries are the parts of Indian Sub-Continent but are not SAARC countries?
1) Afghanistan, Myanmar
2) Nepal, Bhutan
3) Shrilanka and Maldives
4) Bangladesh and Afghanistan
Question no. 3 : Consider the following.
1) HDI constructed by UNDP was published for the first time in 1990.
2) Morris D. Morris constructed a physical quality of life index.
Which of the above statements is / are correct?
1) Only 1 
2) Only 2
3) Both 1 and 2 
4) Neither 1 nor 2
Question no. 4 : Which of the following statements is/are false?
A] All the members of plantae and monera are Autotrophic.
B] Members of Protista are Unicellular but heterotropic.
C] Members of Fungi are parasitic, Saphrophytic but never Symbiotic.
1) only B 
2) A and C
3) B and C 
4) A, B and C
Question no. 5 : The term „Cabinet‟ is mentioned in which of the following articles of Indian Constitution ?
1) Art 74 
2) Art. 75
3) Art 352 
4) Not mentioned in the constitution
Question no. 6 : Gujarat Kshatriya Sabha is an example of
which one of the following ?

1) Caste Panchayat 
2) Caste association
3) Caste federation 
4) Caste system
Question no. 7 : Which of the following statements about the rabies are correct ?
A] It affects the nervous system.
B] It is caused due to virus.
C] It is caused due to bacteria.
1) A and C 
2) B and C 
3) A, B and C 
4) A and B
Question no. 8 : Consider the following statements –
What was the impact of British imperialistic policies on Indian agriculture ?

1) Creation of a new market economy.
2) Polarisation between land owners and tillers
3) Increase in the number of landless labourers
4) Unemployment among the village artisans.
Which of these are correct?
1) (1), (2) and (3) 
2) (2), (3) and (4)
3) (1) and (4) 
4) (1), (2), (3) and (4)
Question no. 9 : Which of the following organisation has brought the new index named „Social Protection Index‟ ?
1) IBRD 
2) UNO 
3) ADB 
4) IMF
Question no. 10 : The Second Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Shri Veerappa Moily submitted report on ......
A) Ethics in Governance
B) Good Governance
C) Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution
D) Citizens Charter
1) A, C, D 
2) A, B, C
3) B, C, D 
4) All the above
Question no. 11 : Which of the following statements are correct ?
1) As we go from earth surface to upwards, the temperature falls by 6.4 C per km.
2) Temperature increases by 1 oC as we go deep down from the surface to the interior for every 32 mts.
3) In tropopause, temperature steadily increases.
4) Temperature increases with the increasing depth of ocean water.
Question no. 12 : Identify which of the following statement/s is/are true or false ?
A] Starfish is a marine fish with five arms.
B] Whale is the biggest fish of class pisces.
1) A - false, B - false 
2) A - true, B - true
3) A - false, B - true 
4) A - true, b - false
Question no. 13 : In which of the following recommendations the Ashok Mehta Committee differed from Balwant Rai Mehta Committee regarding PRI ?
A) Two-Tier system of Panchayati Raj.
B) Official participation of political parties at all levels of Panchayat elections.
C) Zilha Parishad (Z.P.) as the executive body.
D) Entrusting development functions to the Zilha Parishad.
1) A, B and D 
2) A and B
3) A, C and D 
4) A, B and C
Question no. 14 : Which of the following scheme provides Insurance for the landless agriculture workers?
1) Aam Admi Bima Yojana
2) Ashraya Bima Yojana
3) Khetihar Mazdoor Bima Yojana
4) Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana
Question no. 15 : Which of the following event helped Gandhiji, who had returned from South Africa in 1915, to emerge as the undisputed leader of the Indian National Congress ?
1) The British Raj passed the Rowlatt Act on 18th March 1919, to suppress the revolutionary movements almost overnight.
2) Annie Besant became a Raj supporter after Montague‟s promise of a responsible government in India.
3) B. G. Tilak departed for England in Sept. 1918 to fight a libel suit against Valentine Chirol.
4) Montague‟s announcement on 20 Aug, 1917 in the House of Commons that the policy of the British Government would be the gradual development of self-governing institutions with a view to the progressive realization of a responsible government in India.
Question no. 16 : Consider the following statements –
A] Azetobactor helps in nourishment of the plants.
B] Rhizobium is involved in the nitrogen fixation.
Which statements among the above is/are correct ?
1) A only 
2) B only 
3) A and B both 
4) None
Question no. 17 : Which of the following is not a Department under the Ministry of Finance?
1) Department of Revenue
2) Department of Commerce
3) Department of Disinvestment
4) Department of Expenditure
Question no. 18 : A Literacy Programme implemented by the government of Andhra Pradesh was called as .....
1) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
2) Samata Gyan Vigyan Jatha
3) Akshar Dipam
4) Total Literacy Mission
Question no. 19 : UNO has constituted a new cell for „Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women‟ with the name .....
1) Development Women
2) UN Women
3) UN Women Empowerment
4) Division for Advancement of the Women
Question no. 20 : Find out the correct statements from the following.
1) Primary earthquake waves travel in up and down direction.
2) Secondary earthquake waves travel only through hard and liquid mass.
3) Surface waves originate on the surface and travel by low velocity.
4) Secondary and surface earthquakes are more destructive.

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