Dr Ruveda Salam: The First Lady IPS Officer From Kashmir

Dr Ruveda Salam: The First Lady IPS Officer From Kashmir

When I was growing up in Kashmir, my father often used to say that I should become an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer. That's when I first thought of becoming one. It inspired me and I decided to go ahead and aim for it.

As I have cleared the UPSC (Union Public Services Commission) exam for the second time, I will have to go for training again depending on the cadre. I think I will be posted as a sub-collector.

Last year, I was selected to the Indian Police Service cadre. I went for training to Hyderabad. The training was very strenuous. Physically it was very hard. I joined the IPS cadre in Tamil Nadu and was posted as an Assistant Commissioner of Police in Chennai.

Before I cleared the UPSC (the first time), I got into medical college, but even while studying medicine I used to read a lot. I took out time and cleared the Kashmir State Administrative Service exam which is not as tough as the IAS.

Instead of doing a post graduation in medicine, I had started reading papers and preparing for the UPSC.

I have been working in Chennai as an ACP for the last eight months.

I will move out of my Chennai job only after I get my new appointment letter. Who knows? I might land up in Tamil Nadu again (laughs).

As ACP I go for night rounds thrice a week. My day starts at 7 am when I report to my seniors. After that we get reports from our juniors. We go for traffic monitoring. There are regular weekly and monthly meetings.

We also receive petitions from different people. Being a lady I get more petitions from women. Though the day starts at 7 am, I cannot tell you when it will end. Sometimes it is at 10 pm and sometimes at midnight.

Training kept me very busy these past months. I had to pass departmental exams too. When the G-20 Nations meet, there is also a Youth-20 summit. Five young people from each country are chosen to attend and present papers. I was chosen and I attended the summit in Sydney last year.

I have also given motivational speeches to the youth, particularly girls. I encourage them to appear for the IAS exams in Jammu and Kashmir.

Being a young ACP is a challenging role. It carries a lot of responsibility. I am in a state where people respect the police. I like it here (Tamil Nadu).

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Courtesy: Rediff.com