(Ebook) Gist of Yojana Magazine 2020 Yearly Compilation PDF

Yojana Magazine 2020 Yearly Compilation PDF

(Ebook) Gist of Yojana Magazine 2020 Yearly Compilation PDF

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  • E-BOOK NAME : Yojana Magazine 2020 Yearly Compilation
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Contents :

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine JAN-2020 5

India at UNFCCC COP 25

BASIC Ministerial Joint Statement at UNFCCC COP 25 

Kayakalp: Transforming Public Health Facilities 

Sustainable Sanitation in the Cities 

National Voters' Day 2020 Electoral Literacy for a Stronger Democracy 

Salient features of the E-waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018 

Role of Community Radio in Disaster Management and Climate-change Communication

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine FEB-2020

Leadership in Science: Need to Challenge Existing Assumptions 

Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for India 

Innovation in Higher Educational Institutions 

Quality Education for Weaker Section and Disadvantaged Groups 

Key Initiatives in Education 

Cybersecurity: Issues and Challenges 

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine MAR-2020

Ease of Living - The Central Tenet of Union Budget 2020-21

Union Budget 2020-21: A Fine Balancing Act

Tax Proposals: Benefits to Common Man

Union Budget to Transform Urban Landscape 

Transport Infrastructure in India 

The Industry Perspective

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine APR-2020 

Fiscal Sustainability Framework and Deficit Indicators

Union Budget 2020-21: Safer Deposits, Stronger Cooperative Sector Banks and Major Boost to MSME 

The Economics of Water and Sanitation 

Indian’s Quest for universal Coverage

An Analysis of Education Sector Budget 

Skills, Employment and Human Resource Development

Action Plan for Prosperity of Farmers 

#8 Gender Budgeting and Senior Citizen

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine MAY-2020

The New Health Order

Benchmarking Healthcare System 

COVID-19: The Novel Threat 

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 

Covid India Seva -19 

COVID-19 Disinfection Process 


Industry 4.0 

AIM: Fostering Innovation 

Social Media: The Force Multiplier 

Digital Platforms

International Day of Yoga 

Tropical Cyclones 

Swasth Vayu 

#8 Kisan Sabha App


Export Strategy

JAM Trinity 

Making Farmers Self-Reliant 

Rural Development 

Effective Resource Management 

Harnessing Skills of Incoming Migrants

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine AUG-2020 

Shadow Puppet Theatre Traditions 

Memorial Stones of Jammu and Kashmir 

Nazhu Festival - Nagaland

Kalaripayattu- Kerala 

Compositions of Ameer Khusro- Delhi 

Sankheda Nu Lakh Kam: Lacquered turned wood furniture of Sankheda 

Rathwa ni Gher: Tribal Dance of Rathwas

#8 Ranmale-Goa

#9 Zadipatti and Dashavatar – Maharashtra 

0 Bamboo: Cultural Linkage 

1 Rongkhli – Meghalaya

2 Chokri Naga Folk Songs - Nagaland

3 Sowa-Rigpa (Knowledge of Healing or Science of Healing)

4 Songs of Shaman - Arunachal Pradesh 

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine SEP-2020

PM’s address to the Nation on the 74th Independence Day 

Ethics and Integrity, A Talisman

Accountability in Government 

Fighting Corruption 

Geographic Information System 

Citizen Charter

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine OCT-2020 

Indian Foreign Policy in the Times of the Pandemic

Geopolitical and Geo-economic Dimensions of Covid-19

Evolution of India's Trade Negotiations 

Internationalisation of Higher Education 

Indian Diaspora: Major Issues and Challenges 

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine NOV-2020

Natural Gas Marketing Reforms 

Preparing India for an Uncertain Post-Covid World 

SANKALP for Employment 

Facilitating Self-Reliance 

Features of Green Highways Policy 2015

The Farming Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020 

GIST OF YOJANA Magazine DEC-2020 

Tele-Law: Mainstreaming Legal Aid 

Welfare of Marginalised Communities 

Cleaner Cities

Food for All 

Invisible Disabilities 1

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