THE GIST of Editorial for UPSC Exams : 06 February 2020 (Welcome Ambition on Defence Production (Indian Express))

Welcome Ambition on Defence Production (Indian Express)

Mains Paper 3: Defense and Security
Prelims level: Defence Expo 2020
Mains level: Indigenization of technology and developing new technology in defense sector


  • The ambition to export defence kits worth Rs 35,000 crore annually in five years, declared by PM Narendra Modi at the launch of Defence Expo 2020 in Lucknow.

Upgrading the defense equipments:

  • The vast bulk of our hi-tech military hardware such as aircraft, ships, submarines and missiles are all imported, mostly from Russia, the US, European countries, and Israel.
  • India clearly needs to purposefully leverage domestic resources and skills to boost defence hardware manufactures here.
  • As a rising and stabilising global power, India cannot afford to lag behind in military technology. An innovative military industrial complex would have gainful technical, managerial and economic spillovers across the board.
  • Besides, Make-in-India for dependable defence equipment is required to nip in the bud opacity and allegations of large-scale corruption in sourcing; it is also most vital for reasons of national security.
  • Political commitment to the task must be supported by the armed forces, with clear specification of their functional requirements, something on which they have not always excelled.

Way forward:

  • The way forward is to seek joint ventures, collaboration and tie-ups with foreign vendors to step up domestic production of military hardware, and more.
  • There is the pressing need to incentivise defence research and development spending, including by the private sector, to shore up capability for design, production and systems integration.
  • The government has a rudimentary plan for an ecosystem for defence startups to fast-forward innovation.

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Prelims Questions:

Q.1) With reference to the Union Budget 2020-21, consider the following statements:
1. Budget proposed to establish first Indian Institute of Heritage and Conservation with the status of a deemed university to operate under the Ministry of Culture.
2. Maritime Museum to highlight Harappan Age at Rakhigarhi, will be renovated by Ministry of Shipping.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both
(d) None

Answer: A
Mains Questions:

Q.1) What are the key outcomes of the Defence Expo 2020 event? Do you think such program can boost the defense equipment production in India?