Books For Students Going For CSAT 2011


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For maths that is Quantitative Aptitude get your self a book ie K. Kundan and M. Tyra. Its basic mathematics and quant..start with number system...because thats for sure is there in course and wait for the sample paper to release for more detailed topics.

For the students gud with maths refer to quantitative maths for cat by Arun Sharma.but strictly stick to the basic topics. Do not go deep into it. Start with number system .ill update as i get any further information...ive loads of book im going through em and as ill update the useful ones for other topics.

Note : all the csat aspirants are recomended to complete the workbook knwn as Word power made easy by Norman Lewis .its simply the marvellous book. Book says finish it in 3 months but you can finish it in 15 days. Do exactly the way book says except the time frame. At the end of the book you will be master in around 3000 new words not the meaning but the usage....  for any other query to me please add my name in the subject bar of the e mail.

EG to, Sandeep Ref: csat syllabus etc

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in the new form for civil services prelims examination, there's a column for 'medium of written examination'. i wanted to choose english, but when i checked the notification, there was no code available for the english language and codes were given only for the Indian languages, and i'd no choice but to choose hindi. but at the same time, when i went through the online application, there's the provision for choosing english. is there any way by which i can change or make amends?

I am Avisek Banerjee. I am planning to sit for IAS exam in 2012. How will I prepare for gS and CSAT paperII?
Please suggest me.

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