(Interview) UPSC CAPF (AC) Interview By Vijendra (Board Sh. Vijay Singh), 2011 [AIR - 1023]

UPSC CAPF (AC) Interview By Vijendra (AIR 1023)

"My interview was in the board of sh. Vijay Singh in evening session. I reached at UPSC half an hour late from the given time. After completing document formality, I was the first candidate in my group to face the interview board.

Outside the interview hall I told to sit and wait. A bell rung and peon told me to go inside.

Me: (while entering) may I coming sir?

CM: please come in.

There were five members in my board including a lady member.

Me: good afternoon sir. Good afternoon ma’am. Good afternoon sirs.

CM: please sit.

Me: thank you sir.

CM: you are already serving in BSF.

Me: yes sir.

CM: what is this term (RM)?

Me: sir its radio mechanic, assistant sub inspector.

CM: oh, what exactly u do there?

Me: sir bsf me jitne bhi comn. Eqpt. Use hote hain ……..

CM: please try to speak in English as possible.

Me: ok sir.

Me: we repair all communication eqpts. Using in BSF.

CM passes over to the next member.

M1: you are in bsf , people blame BSF that it is corrupt in Bengal border, is it true?

Me: no sir BSF does its duty very well but the situation in Bengal border is not as same as Gujarat border. People live near the boundary; it’s very congested area where duties are very tough. Somewhere fencing is not there.

M1: ok what exactly BSF do. What’s its working function.

Me: sir in peace time it protects our border from border crime and at the time of war it helps army.

M1: what types of border crimes are ?

Me: border crossing , sir I can batter explain in hindi.

CM: oh yes please.

Me: thank you sir. Sir border pe border crossing , taskari, tarbandi ko katna aadi kai tarah ke apradh hai jinse suraksha ka jimma BSF k pas hai.

M1: ok recently some riots occurs in Assam, do you know?

Me: yes sir ye sab se jyada kokrajhar me hue the. Yahan assam me Bangladeshi bhot badi sankhya me aakar bus gye hain. Is liye yahan ke bodos or muslims ke bich ye hinsha hui. Bodos ko lagta hai ke ye log bangladeah se aakar yahan unki opportunities ko or unke aage badhne ke moke chin rhe hain.

M1: if some Bangladeshi cross the border and enter in India what will you do to send them back?

Me: sir hum unhe chori chhupke wapas bhej dete hain.

M1: chori chupke aise kaisel

Me: sir agar hum unse khte hain ke tumhare log hamare yahan cross kar ke aa gye hain to vo believe nhi karenge to unhe chori chupe jaise ve aaye the aise hi wapas bhejna padta hai.

M2: ok your subjects are English, history and philosophy. English literature?

Me : yes sir.

M2: you know gitanjali. Who translate it in English for tagore.

Me: yes sir I know ravindra nath tagore ko is ke liye nobel puraskar bhi mila tha 1911 me.

M2: and its 150 anniversary this year. Who translate gitanjali in English?

Me: I don’t know sir.

M2: ok why vivekanda famous.

Me: he was a great philosopher of india and aaj ke yuva generation unse bhot prabhavit hai.

M2: why?

Me: kyoki jab unhone sikago me apna speech diya tha tab se videsho me bhi bahrat ka sthan uncha hua.

M2: kya effect pada us speech ka?

Me: sir jab unhone apna speech suru ki to uski suruaat “priya bahiyo or behno “ se ki jisse log unko or aakashit hue or bhot bheed unhe sunne ke liye ikkhata ho gye.

M2: is ka kya message gya?

Me: sir is se logon ko lga ke hum bhot loyal hain or dusron ka bhot samman karte hain.

M2: to isse bharat ka kya message gya?

Me: yahi ke hum log dusri countries ka bhot samman karte hain.

M2: no msg kya gya?

Me: sorry sir I don’t know.

M2: ok you have done your graduation from CCS University Meerut; tell me why Meerut is famous in history?

Me: sir 1957 me yahan se swatantrta sangram suru hua tha.

M2: not 1957 its 1857.

Me: oh yes 1857 i m sorry sir.

M2: ok before 1857 why it was famous.

Me: (after thinking 2-3 seconds) I don’t know sir.

M2: u don’t know? Do you know about Hasthinapur?

Me: yes sir its in meerut. Mahabharat time me ye karavon or pandavo ki rajdhani rha tha.

M2: what’s difference between hastinapore and indraparastha.

Me: sir hasthinapore pandavon or korvo ki rajdhani thi but indraparastha pandavon ki rajdhani thi. Unhone korvon dwara deye gye khandavprastha ko hi indraparastha banaya tha.

M2: korvon ne sirf khandav parastha hi pandavo ko diya tha.

Me: yes sir.

M3: you are from Ghaziabad you know it’s a part of undivided meerut. So tell me in 1857 what was the reason behind the revolution and what was the role of meerut.

Me: ma’am 1857 me meerut se hi revolution suru hua or ye delhi tak pahuncha. Us time sanikon ne kartus use kane se mana kar diya kyoki unme suar or gay ka mass hota the.

M3: no no it was happened at another place. A particular man was there, you know?

Me : oh yes ma’am Mangal pandey at bairak pur.

M3: no no it was happened at another place. A particular man was there, you know?

Me : oh yes ma’am Mangal pandey at bairak pur.

M3: ya whare is barakpur?

Me: aaaaaa ….. its somewhere in up.

M3: UP ….. no its in west Bengal.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am.

M3: why we had failed in this struggle?

Me: kyoki ma’am humare leader ekjut nhi the or unhone ek sath hamla nhi kiya tha or communication ke sadhan bhi itne nhi the.

M3: ok why it was called first revolution of Indian freedom struggle.

Me: kyoki ye lagbhag pure india me hua tha.

M3: ok meerut ke aaspas ya Ghaziabad me sabji mandi kon si hai.

Me: ma’am Sahibabad mandi hai.

M3: no near by meerut.

Me: ya ma’am meerut me bhi ek mandi hai.

M3: you know happur me bhi ek mandi hai jo kafi badi hai.

Me: I don’t here ma’am, mey be.

M3: ok this hapur is in meerut or in Ghaziabad?

Me: ma’am ye ab ek naya zila hai, mayavati sarkar ne ise panchsheel nagar banaya tha lekin abi dubara iska naam hapur kar diya gya hai.

M3: ok meerut ke aaspas kya kya mostly paida hota hai.

Me: ma’am mostly ganna paida hota hai or iske liye chini ke mils bhi hain or genhu bhi kafi hota hai.

M3: in fruits ?

Me: aam hota hai?

M3: and gavava?

Me: yes ma’am.

M4: do you read about Europe history ? you know renaissance ?

Me: I don’t know sir.

CM: punarjagran ?

Me : yes sir.

M4: how it happened in Europe?

Me: sir pehle Europe do bhagon me bata hua tha. East Europe and west Europe. West Europe me samantwad tha . wahan ke majdoor log jamidaron key aha kam karte the……(I was beating about the bush)

M4: I think you are confuse.

Me: yes sir, sorry sir.

M4: who was Bismarck ?

Me: I don’t know sir.

M4: ok tell me four state and their capital and language using in these states.

Me: sir up lakhnow.

M4: oh sorry four south states.

Me : ok sir Karnataka Bangalore, tamilnadu chhenai…

CM: states and language ?

Me: sir, Karnataka kannad, tamilnadu telgu..maharastra Marathi….

M4: maharastra is not a south state.

CM: tamilnadu telgu?

Me: yes sir.(I was totally nervous at that point because they were one by one asking very fast.)

M4: and what about andra…?

Me: I was thinking and CM said

CM: doesn’t matter, thank you.

Me: thank you very much sir, good afternoon sir.

CM: good afternoon.

I came out from the room and took a breath of relax.

I GOT 53 MARKS OUT OF 150 which is not enough...

Interviewer Name : Vijendra

Attempt : 1st Attempt

Interview Date: 10/5/2012

Board : Sh.Vijay Singh