(Interview) UPSC CAPF Interview 2012 - Ashok Singh AIR-11 (A.P. Singh Board)

UPSC Interview By Ashok Singh (A.P. Singh Board)

Name: Ashok Singh

Educational Background: Engineer

Interview Date: 16th July 2013

Interview Board: A.P. Singh

Attempt No.: 1st Attempt

1. The first question was posed after my name (Ashok)

Chairman: What does ashok chakra signifies in Indian flag and about significance of all colors of Indian flag ?
The National flag of India has three equal horizontal bands - the top panel is India saffron (Kesari), the bottom panel is green and white middle band bearing at its centre the design of Ashoka Chakra in navy blue color with 24 equally spaced spokes The saffron color denotes courage and sacrifice. White color denotes truth, peace and purity. Green color symbolizes prosperity, vibrance and life. The Ashok Chakra (wheel) represents the progress and perpetuity.

M1 : What do u know about shahid afridi ? why was he was recently in news ?
Shahid is a Pakistani cricketer. He has played more than 350 Internationals, He is known for his aggressive batting style, and holds the record for the fastest ODI century  Recently he had won man of match award against west indies for his outstanding performance taking 7 wickets and scoring a half century .(14th July 2013 ) Also he became 1st player to take 350 ODI wickets and score more than 7000 ODI runs.

M1 : Why do u want to join CAPF ?
As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a police officer.
As I grew older, I realized that a police officer was nothing like I thought. I started to understand the role of the police. Not as a symbol of power, but one of peace. I started to understand that society needed an enforcement measure to uphold the laws that have been set. I found that police presence was the best tool to deter crime, creating a safe environment for everyone.
Being in police force gives me a chance to make a difference in people’s lives . it also helps in Contributing positively to society .

M2 : What is telengana issue ? what are specific problems of telengana ? give examples and few facts too ?
Telangana is a new proposed state to be formed out of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The proposed new state corresponds to the Telugu-speaking portions of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad

Problems :
a) Lack of funds : 45% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%.
b) BACKWARNESS : 70% of districts in Telangana are backward while in Andhra it is 35% and in Rayalaseema it is 25%.
c) Agriculture :In Telangana regions, only few areas cultivate one crop a year and very rarely two crops a year while most of the land doesn't even cultivate single crop. In both the Godavari districts, Krishna and Guntur district, two crops a year is common and there are times where even 3 crops a year are cultivated. The only reason is water.
d) Jobs : G.O number 610 is the longest non implicated G.O in the history of AP. The G.O speaks about the share of Telangana employees in Government jobs in Telangana region.

M2 : What are various child labor law ?
Sorry sir, I have very little idea about this topic .

M2 : Ok leave it , tell me ways to curb child labor ?
There shall be total ban on the employment of children up to the age of 14 years
There shall be no forced labor
The violators have to be dealt with effectively and in a speedy manner
There is also a need for rehabilitation of such children in the society . the child should be provided with free Education , Food,Meals,Clothes, and Compensation.
Regular Monitoring should be done

M2 : What is diff between naxalism and maoism ?
Naxal originated in india where as Maoism in china.
Naxals are inspired by marx and lenin where as maoist by mao – zedong
Naxalism originated as a rebellion against marginalization of the poor forest dwellers and gradually against the lack of development and poverty at the local level and Maoists were the loyal believers of the Chairman Mao’s philosophy that ‘Power flows from the barrel of the gun.’
Naxal may or may not be armed but maoist are mostly armed.
Some type of democratic set up is seen in naxals ( election ) , but in maoist its absent

M2 : What are KYC norms ?
Collection and analysis of basic identity information by financial institutions and other regulated companies ( banks ). These are address proof , age proof etc .

M3 : What is ozone layer and its significance ?
The ozone layer is a layer in Earth's atmosphere which absorbs most of the Sun's UV radiation . thus it protects us from harmful UV rays .

M3 : Where does it lies?

M3 : You are an engineer ? tell me why the level of engineering is so low in India ?
Sir , in India most of the engineering colleges are not truly equipped with modern amenities such as proper testing labs ( such as VLSI etc ) . in such cases students don’t get proper exposer which they need the most . also most of the colleges are not AICTE approved ..
they interrupted me

M3 : What is AICTE ?
It is an statutory body and is responsible for proper planning and coordinated development of the technical education and management system in India.

M4 : What is preamble ?
Sir , it’s an introductory statement about constitution of India … again they interrupted me ..

M4: Tell me text of preamble ?
Sir , I am not able to recall the entire text , but I can tell you the zist of preamble . I do remember few important words used in it.

M4: asked me to recall those words .

M4 : You know the meaning of all these words ?
Yes sir.

M4 : What is RPF ?
The Indian Railway Protection Force (RPF) is a part of Central Armed Police Force charged with protecting the Indian Railways

M4 : What is GRP ?
Government Railway Police. it is also charged with protecting the Indian Railways

M4 : Then what is diff bw the two ?
RPF comes under central government where as GRP under state.

M4 : Any more diff ?
Sorry sir, I have no idea.

M4 : Ok , your last question . tell us something unique about your home district / city ?
My native district is sonebhadra (UP). It is the only district in India which shared its border with 5 states.

M4 : Smiles and says , I know this fact , tell us something unique ?
Salkhan fossil park is a geological heritage of sonebhadra district . the ages of these fossils as estimated by geologist is around 1400 million years.The fossil is spread over an area of 25 hectares and is larger than the yellow stone national park of USA

M4 : Tell me what’s famous about yellow stone park ?
Old faithful geyser. This geyser blows out water at a specific intervals.

Chairman : ok , u may leave now !