choosing writing language for IAS main examination

Ques: I want to know how can i choose language(to write ) for main examination. I want to choose electronic ( english as writing language) & History
(tamil as writing language). please send me as soon as possible. i am confused. | By: Ashok

Ans: You could write your exam in tamil provided that you are able to convert every word in your electronics into equivalent tamil words. For example, the word REACTOR need to be written as ANUOLAI. Then think about various technical terms in GS(which you can't predict the scope of the questions). Some people found it difficult to write GS and ESSAY papers in Tamil which need lot of conversions.

Regarding History, you could master it with Tamil. But for electronics it is obscure. You may choose Tamil literature as your optional which you could master it easily if you opt to write in tamil. Else continue in English. | By: Guru Prasad