Details of Study material for Pre, Mains and Interview

Questions :

  1. Study material for pre, mains and interview complete details
  2. How to prepare from newspaper like the hindu
  3. How to write a good essay , dos and don't s
  4. Way to study and points to judge
  5. Various websites to refer

Answer :

Dear Students,

Thank You for Sharing your problem with us, and appreciating the articles.

As per your request, here is a brief plan for you:

  1. Since you a working Professional, You need to first prepare a plan about how you plan to cover the syllabus for IAS Prelims, and further stages.
  2. Even if you devote 2.5 or 3 hours daily, without any long breaks, you should be able to do the Prelims comfortably.
  3. For the study material you may see our website and our various products. We highly recommend taking the online coaching, as it would give you the option to study the material on the go, and take the test on regular basis.
  4. Do not burden yourself by thinking about the Mains and Interview Stages at this point of time. Since you are working full-time, you should do your preparations in stages.
  5. For how to read the HINDU. please see
  6. For how to study, please see
  7. In our other articles, of the Series- Getting Started for IAS Examination, you will find all your questions answered.

We would also be coming up with other articles to answer your queries in the coming days.

Please feel free to further contact us for any support and assistance.

All the Best!

Team UPSCPortal.COM