General Tips by Ujjwal Das

hello everyone ...congratulations to all those who cleared prelims .....i am
among one of them .............its not a big deal to clear the prelims as
now the main war will begin ..............all the best to all those who will
give mains it is my message to everyone ..that it will not
be possible for me now to be available to u all since now vigrous
preperation will begin ....atleast oct last ...till the mains exams
....hence plz wait till oct last ..........and dont send me any mails since
i will not be checking will not possible to reply ........For all those
new beginners ..and all those who are about to start ..plz keep these points
in mind ....
1) Read hindu newspaper , employment news regularly but not more than one
hour everyday .
2)For any information regarding IAS exams ..plz visit ...
3)It is seen that maximum student are confused while making selection of
optionals ..well for that ..plz introspect urself .
A student of biology cannot study maths and vice versa ..hence plz choose ur
optionals according to ur academic career and interests body
really knows about u and ur state of mind .Remember All optionals are
scoring ....
4)Ask urself before starting preperation of IAS ...BELIVE ME IT IS ONE OF
to manage ur studies is tough manage efffectively .
5) Books , materials all are available in the upsc portal ...u will get the
whole list from there .
i extend my wishes to those who cleared the prelims and my message to all
those who fail to clear the exams that ..the game is not over bcoz u
havent given up .and u will sure make up in the coming exam ...all the best
Thanks and regards .
ujjwal das .