(Help) Confusion regarding study material for preparation

Confusion regarding study material for preparation

I am a bit confused about the study material to use for preparing Science portion for General Studies. So far I have been using NCERT books from Std. VI to XII. However, while going through the previous years papers I realized that I am not able to find answers for a significant number of questions in these books. Also I understand, from previous years, that main focus is on Biology.

Can someone please guide me if I am on track with regard to the books I am using or I need to focus on some other available material? Additionally Is my understanding about more importance being given to Biology and hence we should focus more on that?.

I am not taking any coaching and preparing on my own so any form of guidance/ suggestions will do me a world of good.



NCERT Book of Science gives you a basic knowledge and which can be helpful for your further study. You can also touch +1 and +2 Book when necessary . Basically science related to current research also mentioned in CSP. you can subscribe Science and people magzine online to touch the newely research.

--Gunjan Kumar

You are correct in assessing that more question are asked from biology in the science section. I am not an expert in this field but I have seen it in many books relating to civil service preparation to give emphasise to biology rather than physics and chemistry. Regarding the study material it will be wise to select a leading manual like Pearson or tata McGraw Hill.

Hi someone help me iam an graduate student pls suggest ias coaching centre in chennai?


i want to know about pali as an optional in the light that its pattern is changing every year. i gave my this attempt with pali but got messed up in pali. now i am in confusion that shd i carry on, coz i believe in myself that i can do cram up this subject as required but with the changing pattern this may prove fatal next year also.