(Help) Help to read important pages in "The Hindu"

Help to read important pages in "The Hindu"

I read THE HINDU, can anyone suggest which pages I can leave?

--Azad Kushwah

Do not read everything in the newspaper. Read only that which is important for the exam. Do not even look at the items from second page to centre page. The main focus should be on front page, editorials, articles, news analysis, business etc. In the sports page just spend time on recognizing the personalities and tournaments, which can be asked in exam.

  • Before reading a news item, question logically about that topic or issue. Then read the article. This way the eyes try to gather the answers for the questions raised. Also, the clarity on the topic increases.
  • With practice, you should increase efficiency and should not spend more that 2 hrs on newspaper.
  • Many innovations can be made like maps, diagrams, flow charts, graphs, case studies etc.
  • Keep two mark questions in mind while preparing for the current affairs. Make separate notes for the personalities, places, awards, terms, etc.
  • Keep cuttings of the editorial in a monthly file. Everyday listen to the AIR news bulletins. They cover all-important topics in a dispassionate manner. The analysis after the bulletin is also quite good. Try doing some thing else while listening the news so that you don’t waste time. If any political or unimportant issue is being discussed in the news you can ignore and concentrate on your work.
  • Next day by the time paper comes, you already know what to expect from that since you followed news on AIR previous day. So, go to the important topics and read slowly, and prepare not

--Pankaj Singh Chauhan