(Help) Mathematics as an optional for prelims

Mathematics as an optional for prelims

Totally second that, play to your strengths. I hv taken Maths and the range is vast. U'll really find it tough if coming frm a non-engg bakgrnd.

Sunil Katti

I am an MBA and have started preparing for CSE. I was thinking of taking Management as one of my optional subjects along with Sociology. How is the availability of coaching and study material for Management? Is this paper scoring? What has been the success rate of those taking Management as an optional? If not Management, then I have interest in Geography as well but I would prefer Management if both are equal.
I also wanted a frank opinion regarding the preparation. I am working in an IT company and I spend at least 7 hours in the office. How feasible is the preparation in this case? I can't leave the job right now, but may be for few months when I clear the prelims.
Please advise.
Thanks a lot