I want to say that that it is not the Hard Work which is sufficient to crack IAS

Hello All,

I want to say that that it is not the Hard Work which is sufficient to crack IAS rather Smart Work is required to crack IAS. I think most of the people who enter in this field are sure of the thing that they can do Hard work but as far as clearing this exam is concerned, it is their Smart work which matter.

In my opinion Hard Work is something that you will read daily 12-14 hrs. You will read different magazines, books, News-Papers daily but sometimes you will go deep inside in these things that you will forgot what is relevant and what's not.This irrelevant things in his hard work suffered him a lot.Hard Work is something doing deep study of various topics without considering the fact that whether it is significant for your exam or not.

Smart Work is something that doing the Hard Work Smartly. Smart Decision is choosing best out of various goods and similarly Smart Work is doing best among various alternatives. In our study, doing of this Smart Work is of much more importance. Actually the syllabus of our exam is so wide that we can't study it completely so we have to make choices and our choice should be relevant, our choice would be according to the syllabus of the UPSC. Now suppose that we have study a lot and when the retrieval part is considered it is the Smart Work which matters more than Hard Work.

I think Smart Work and Hard Work are not Isolative rather they are associative and in my opinion Smart Work is nothing but doing the Hard Work according to needs and requirements of your Goals.

Finally, It is the Hard Work which decides your success or failure but Smart Work ensures your Success.

Thank You,

Madhup Benawat