(Interview) UPSC CAPF (AC) Interview By Jayadev Senapati (Board Prez Ms Rajni Razdan (RR)), 2012 [AIR - 254]

UPSC CAPF (AC) Interview By Jayadev Senapati (AIR 254)

I was the last candidate to be interviewed by the board in that day`s morning session. My board consisted of Board Prez Ms Rajni Razdan (RR),one female member(M1) and three male (M2,M3,M4) members.

The board was very cordial and cool. It took them 25 to 30 minute to interview me. But it seems as if its 5 minutes JJ

A UPSC official guided me to the interview room. I sat down  near the door in a wooden bench while the official told me Sir please sit in the cushioned chair J The bell rang at 12:09 hr. The official guided me to go

inside. I stood near the threshold of the room and …

Me : may I come in madam !

RR : yeah

Me : good afternoon madam and good afternoon to all of you sirs J nobody responded to my warm wishes L

RR : indicated me to sit by gesture of hand.

Me : thank you madam and sat down.

RR : where are you working ?

Me ; madam I am serving in indian armed forces; navy.

RR : since when ??

Me : madam since last six and half years.

RR : are you happy in navy ??

Me : yes madam I am very much happy in navy.

RR : handed me over to other members by the gesture of her head.

M1: looked at me and I smiled J

M1 : jayadev what is your first preference ?

Me : central industrial security forces madam.

M1 : why ??

Me : madam CISF is a force which is guarding more than 300 industrial units in our country such as nuclear power plants, mint factories, thermal power stations, national and international airports and shipyards and even to this UPSC building we are sitting to name a few.board prez smiled and nodded. Due to its high and states of art security some private companies also sought its assistance like infosys bangalore campus and reliance refinaries. Apart from this 2nd battalion of CISF is also involved in counter insurgency activities, so the nature of work culture is multi tasking and I believe in myself that I am too very versatile and I can cope up with these challenges. So its my 1st preference.

M1 : recently people in kodaikanal, your forces are deployed in that nuclear plant. How will you motivate them ?

Me : I will find out the leaders of that agitators and….

M1 : no no.. how will you motivate your people; not to people.

Me : thought for some seconds. Then with loud voice said




M2: Jayadev, its not CISF’s motto

“DUTY UNTO DEATH”. It’s the motto of BSF. Anyway you are good at motivating. I got motivated. He laughed a little.. other members smiled J

M1 : have you ever faced any trouble while using internet ?

Me : yes madam ! recently my yahoo mail is hacked .

RR , M1: smiled.

M1 : you have written surfing internet your hobby. What are the things you should take care while doing that ?

Me : I should not give my real address, contact no, bank a/c details or credit card or debit card details to anyone. I should change my passwords frequently and update my antivirus periodically. As well as I should adhere

to cyber laws like I should not send anyone any lewd contents and like so.

M1: what you write about ?

Me : madam it depends on my mood and situation. Whatever comes to my mind I jus write.. be it about a widow.. sunset in goa beach or a tamato. RR and other members laughed and I too smiled J

M2 : Senapati, do you know Manoj Das ?

Me : yes sir ! I know him.

M2 :what he writes ?

Me: he writes on travelling.

M2 : hehehe.. it means he writes only when he is travelling J

Me : no sir ! he writes about travelling, the people,cultures,literetures and customs.

M2 : can you tell me about any of his work ?

Me : yes sir, then I thought for some time… zero results found.. again asked for some more time.. again no results found. I said sorry sir ! I cudnt remember as I had studied it in my 9th standard.

M2 : its ok. Nothing to be worried.

M2 : tell me who is the best writer in oriya literature.

Me : pondered over some time and said sir ! its upendra bhanja. He is the best in odia literature that’s why he was awarded kavi samrat .. the emporore of poets.

M2 : can you elaborate more about him ??

Me : yes sir ! he was famous for his baidehisha vilasa in which he used upama and aalankars which is called ornaments in english. Foe ex. Dekhare nalini nalini nilinire purita.. bhramanti bhramare bhramare…. Sir in this verse same word is used thrice but every time it has different meanings, same word bhramare means a bee, By mistaken and wandering. he used this type of alankar extensively in his writings. That’s why he is all time great in odia literature.

M2 : its fine.

M4 : you have studied economics?

Me : yes sir !

M4 : what is deficit financing ?

Me : sir its when balance of payment shortfall or the expense is more than the earned revenues. That time govt uses deficit financing by borrowings or printing new currency.

M4 : do you know RBI ?.... which policy is in the purview of RBI ?? monetary policy or fiscal policy ??

Me : its monetary policy sir and RBI does it by increasing or decreasing repo rates, reverse repo rates,crr,slr etc.

M4 : what is CRR ?

Me : sir its cash reserve ratio. It’s determined by RBI. It’s a minimum amount banks must keep with RBI.

M3 : what are the factors of productions ?

Me : land , labour and capital.

M3 : and human resource.

Me : yes sir ! it’s the key factor.

M3 : what is entrepreneur ?

Me : an innovative person who uses less inputs and using that mindfully produce more output.

M3 : and most important is that he takes RISK.

M3 : which thing has no substitute in this world ?

Me : sir ! its human wants.. that’s why economics exist..

M3 : come out from economics now.. think philosophically. Which thing has no substitute.

Me : spontaneously I answered MOTHER and he became very happy and said very good and for her you are here only. Then all quiet, prez looked at everyone and all nooded their head. Then prez , RR told me
“you can go now “ I said thank you madam and thank you all of you. Then closed the door gently."

Interviewer Name : Jayadev Senapati

Interview Date: 14/09/2012

Board : Rajni Razdan