(Interview) UPSC Interview By Amit Goyal (Dr. K.K. Paul Board)

UPSC Interview By Amit Goyal

Name : Amit Goyal
Type: Interview

What is your name, DOB, Roll No. etc.
Me: Ansered

C: Which type of devotional music you listen (It was my hobby to listen devotional music)
Me: Sir I listen to songs by Vinod Aggarwal, Krishan bhakti songs.

C: Why not other music?
Me: Sir I listen other music as well, but mainly I listen devotional one.

C: Why you listen devotional music?
Me: Sir it gives me peace of mind.

C: So you are usually in stress?
Me: Yes Sir I do as after long hours of working there is a bit of stress. I prepare tea, coffee etc. listen to devotional songs and my stress is gone.

C: What is Trial by Media?
Me: Sir when due to reports in media a perception is made in the mind of general public as to who is guilty and who is innocent, without the case being completely tried by the court.

C: Then what about journalistic ethics?
Me: Sir its clearly a case of violation of these ethics.

C: Then why Press Council is not taking any action?
Me: Sir First It does not have enough powers to take action and secondly it does not cover electronic media.

Member1 (M1): Amit you have got 46th rank in C.A. you was having good opportunities to earn money. Then why are you coming to civil services?
Me: Sir first of all money is not every thing, secondly govt. pays a good salary and finally working in corporate would have restricted my scope of work to Accounts, Audit or Tax, but working in civil services is working for a larger cause.

M1: What are the problems of women in Haryana?
Me: Sir the condition of women in Haryana is really worrisome and is reflected in very low sex ratio of 861 and esp. 617 in literate people. In addition to it are problems of Khap, Honour killing etc.

M1: What will you do if you are a DC in an area affected by such problem of low sex ratio?
Me: Sir I will go for a two pronged strategy- Implementation of Pre Natal Diagnostics Act and creating awareness among people.

M1: How will you use media for this purpose?
Me: Sir we can have big sign board along the roads giving message that if girls are not there then with to get marry your sons with? Similarly we can use mass media.

M2: Amit do you think that cricket is squeezing out other games in India?
Me: Mam, I do not think so as I think that any game is made popular by its achievement as it is in case of cricket. Once we had achievements in Hockey, it was pretty much famous.

M2: What achievements we have made after 1983. No 2nd world cup?
Me: We have won many important tournaments. Individual records like that of Sachin are almost unachievable.

M2: But all sponsors are going to cricket leaving nothing to other games.
Me: Mam that has a natural reason as cricket has a scope of advertisement after every six balls while other games does not have such advantage.

M2: We are a big nation and got only 3 medals at Olympics. Is not it a shameful thing?
Me: Mam, its not a shameful thing but an eye opener for us to go into the reason for such low performance.

M2: What are those reasons?
Me: One such reason is Infrastructure gap. We do not have playing ground for people to practice. Whatever infrastructure we have is for champions only, for AAM ADMI they are always LOCKED.

M2: Is there something like Sporting Culture?
Me: Yes, since our childhood days we were told that “kheloge koodoge banoge kharab, padoge likhoge banoge nawab” meaning that the stress was on the studies only.

M2: Is it changing now( I said yes), and why?
Me: Today parents know that sports and study are not contradictory to each other, there is good career in sports and lot of money and fame for the family.

M3: When are IFRS going to be introduced in India?
Me: The date is 01 April 2011, but I consider it to be 01 April  2010 as companies prepare comparative accounts for two years and there for figures for 2010-2011 are to be adjusted as per new standards.

M3: What problems will Indian companies face?
Me: There may be shortage of skilled personnel, more compliance as number of standards in IFRS are higher.

M3: Do you think that we will be able to adopt them?
Me: Sir ICAI has issues INDAS to be followed. So we are adopting as it is but are modifying them as per our needs.

M3: Whats the need for IFRS?
Me: Sir today global firms operate in India and India firms operate worldwide, that why we need them to have a common business language.

M4: What is PAC?
Me: Sir PAC is a parliamentary committee to look into the CAG reports on PSEs.

M4: on PSEs?
C: Is not there something called COPU?Me: Sorry sir realize that I made a mistake. PAC is a parliamentary committee to look into the reports of CAG on accounts of Central and State Govts.

M4: is there any PAC like mechanism at State level?
Me: Sir I am not sure but I think that there is.

C: ok Amit you can go now.
Me: Thank you every one.

Exam Interview Details :

Subjects Taken : Commerce, Public Administration
Date: 23-Mar-2011
Interview Board : Dr. K.K. Paul
City : Palwal (HR)