(Interview) UPSC Interview By Aravind Menon : AIR -201 (Smt Alka Sirohi's Board), CSE-2011

UPSC Interview By Aravind Menon : AIR -201 (Smt Alka Sirohi's Board), CSE-2011

Name : Aravind Menon

Interview Date: 16/04/2012

Interview Board: Smt Alka Sirohi

Place: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Attempt No.: 2nd Attempt

Rank (CSE 2011): AIR 201

Interview Marks: 183 marks

Optional Subjects : Public Administration, Malayalam Language

Details of Graduation: B.Tech in Electronics & Communication from College of Engineering,Trivandrum Extracurricular activities, hobbies, achievements etc. : Cricket , Photography

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My interview was on 16th in the afternoon session. There were only 6 boards for our session , so each board had to interview 7 candidates each. As a result , each interview lasted for 20-25 minutes.

My interview was no different. I was the third person to be interviewed by the board chaired by Smt Alka Sirohi (CM) . When I was asked by the attender to enter the room, I asked permission to do so from the board . I was granted that and I went in. All the 4 members (M1,M2,M3 & M4) other than the chairman were male members. So didnt had any confusion regarding how to wish. But even before I could wish them , CM asked me to be seated . Anyway , I wished them and took my seat. Everyone was busy doing something and was not giving much attention to me. That informal nature eased my tension .

CM started the proceedings by asking me to list out 2-3 things that occurred in the past decade which suited the description “Much ado about nothing” . My mind went blank and even after she explained the question, I was not able to recollect any such events. Later she told me that what she intended was Y2K and WMD.

M1 asked me about Chinmayananda Swami of Chinmaya Mission and his contributions to the society(I had my schooling in a Chinmaya Vidyalaya). I mentioned about his Jnana yajnas- spiritual knowledge to common man, opening of schools, social activities of its volunteers etc. then he asked about the essence of gita.

Me: man should do his duties(karma) without the expectation of any result as it will lead to disappointment.

He was expecting Aham brahmasmi and it was his next Qn.

Me: Each soul is part of the universal soul. He was not completely satisfied.

Question: Bertrand Russel's statement that all human beings are rational but he is yet to find such a person.

Me: most of the people I met were rational.

Question: then why world is like this

Me: a minority of people may be irrational causing hardships , but since majority are rational world is still existing

Question: Current political situation in Arab Spring countries


Question : Is there any conflict of interest b/n india and china in indian ocean as both are energy hungry nations.

I did not understand it completely. When he explained it , I thought it was regarding string of pearls and replied accordingly. I told about protecting our economic & security interests while maintaining a good relation with them. He kept on repeating the same Qn and CM intervened and asked M3 to start.


Question: Current status of the 'treasure' in SreePadmanabhaswamy temple and how to use it ( I am from kerala)

Answer: need to use modern techniques to open the vault B w/o destroying anything else .

It cannot be used for developmental purposes as it is part of our culture and history.

Question: in case of bop crisis?

Me: in that case it can be used for pledging but has to recovered when situation improves.

Question: will a 1991 type crisis recur in india

Me: No. diversity of trade, 300bn$ forex etc

M4 : Asked about the details of the recent SC judgement on RTE which I answered.


Question: satellites in india and their uses.

Me: didnt remember much . Told abt insat, metsat, risat.

Question: remote sensing and its uses.

Me: replied but not satisfactorily.

Question: rocket launching centre?

Me: sriharikkota

Question: why?

Me: earth's rotation aids the launch when it is launched in the easterly direction

Question: Any security aspects?

Me: in case of failure it will fall in ocean.

She smiled and said thank you.

I took a few seconds to understand that interview was over. Then I thanked everybody and got out.

Though some members were not satisfied , I am happy that too much technical Question were not asked. "

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