(Interview) UPSC Interview By Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh (Dr KK Paul Board)

UPSC Interview By Bhuvnesh Pratap

Name : Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh
Interview Writeup: 31st march 2011, I was the fourth candidate to be interviewed in after noon session. Interview started at 3 45 pm. As soon as I entered even without looking at me KKP Sir told to sit. I was confused as I have not yet greeted them members. However I wished members and took my seat.

Chairmen started (KKP Sir) Dr Bhuvnesh: Whats your name?
ME:  Sir Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh
KKP Sir: Your Roll No
ME:  48756
KKP Sir: Your Date of Birth
ME:  22/7/1983 (by now I was thinking what he is up to taking interview or interrogating me)
KKP Sir: Dr you have worked in ONGC FOR 1 YEAR why did you left it
ME:  Sir, I was on contract there . which got over
KKP Sir: SO, you left ONGC or they left you ??or you left it for preparing
ME:  Sir, As contract period was over so I deciced to leave and
I had to prepare also..
KKP Sir: Your hobbies are Teaching, Writing Hindi Poems, Introspection (he read this in one go). You write what sort of poems.
ME:  Sir, For my friends.
KKP Sir: For friends or about friends? You tease your friends in your poems?
ME:  Sir. I write for my friends. I try to incorporate my emotions in poems.
KKP Sir: and this introspection.. it is same  as diary writing
ME:  Yes Sir, I do write diary also. But since I do introspection often so I have written it as my hobby.
KKP Sir: What you do
ME:  Sir I try to evaluate my behaviour. I think about how I think, I review my decisions, also it sets me right when ever I go wrong. It guides my emotion to do better.
KKP Sir: You are emotional person?
ME:  Yes sir
KKP Sir: An emotional person cannot be practical person and practical person cannot be emotional also. We don’t need such people
ME:  Sir, Shall I take an example
ME:  Sir, Since I am a doctor and when ever my patient comes to me. I show my emotion and my empathy towards him to accommodate him. But while prescribing the drugs I am the most practical person. I prescribe based on scientific tenets. so I think an emotional person can be practical too.
KKP Sir: Till now his face was wearing mask. He didn’t showed any facial expression and pointed fingers towards 1st member to ask question
ME: member 1 (M1: ) he was sitting left to him
M1:  So Dr. you are from Agra.
ME:  Yes sir.
M1:  Dr I call AGRA as a GUTTER despite it being tourist place it is very dirty.
ME:  Sir, I beg to defer with you here, Sir you are talking about pre 2008 status now Agra has changed a lot.
M1:  Really?
ME:  Yes sir
M1:  Ok tell me what all we can do to tackle such problems in big metropolis.
ME:  Sir we need to educate people, We should strengthen municipality corp, allow them to come up with bonds to ensure their financial instability.
M1:  and in Cities?
ME:  Sir, I am staying in Delhi from past 1 year and I saw that MCD sends their autos and truck to clean the areas. so I think we can copy this plan in other cities like Agra also.
M1:  Who is responsible for all this mess
ME:  Sir, We all!
M1:  How we?
ME:  Sir, We are the one who throw our garbage in roads and there is implementation failure also.
M1:  Government is coming up with courses like BRMS because there is scarcity of doctor and you people instead of working in rural area come and join services. Why are you shifting from your field.
ME:  Sir, An MBBS is just a beginning or a step in medical field and today's era of multi-specialisation (inter disciplinary) I think we can help more and I being doctor I am more well versed with fellow doctors problems and I think I can tackle that through Civil Services. Sir, Recently there was a news that in Maharashtra only 40 % students of 1st year reach 2nd year and I think I understand this problem better.
KKP Sir: Interrupted the M1 and asked M2 (Lady member) to ask.
M2:  Dr what are your views about traditional medicine, should we discard it.
ME:  Mam, Ayurvedahas treated our people from past 2000 year and even till today we all rely on Ayurvedatraditional medicines is deep rooted in us take for example we all eat Chawanprash which is an Ayurveda prep. Mam what I believe that Ayurveda in in its lowest ebb now and allopathic medicine in its peak.. so there is need for more research in this field.
M2:  But we do not have money.
ME:  True mam. But govt is working in this front we have AYUSH dept. we have Homeopathy, Ayurveda college etc.
M2:  Dr do you know about HDI
ME:  Yes mam
M2:  Who measures health component on HDI
ME:  And then I kept quiet for sometime and then she prompted that is national family health survey.
M2:  Do you know what is our ranking in this
ME:  Sorry mam I don’t know.. but I know we are behind srilanka n Bhutan in this
M2:  Yes. But why so?
ME:  Mam may be population pressure.
KKP interrupted mam and told member 3 to ask me was sitting right to me mam wanted to ask more question but she stopped and I gave a smile to her. KKP Sir was listening when I was telling Chawanprash stuff how ever till now KKP Sir and other mebers did not gave any expression.
M3: Dr you told you are emotional,, what is difference between emotional person and impulsive and who is better
ME:  sir, impulsive person takes decision instantaneously while emotional thinks and i believe emotional is better than impulsive
M3: asked one more ques relating to emotion which I have never heard, so I stated that I don’t know sir
M3: Dr do you take interest in foreign afFairs
ME:  Yes Sir, I do
M3: Who is India's best friend
ME:  Sir, in long term relations I it is Russia and recently it is USA
M3: WHY USA needs us, Big brother attitude of USA
ME:  Sir for balance of power with china, its strategic interest, its commercial interest. We are largest consumer of US goods blah..blah…
M3: What do you think that doctors are going to USA and not serving nation
ME:  Sir, they do help us gain dollar which we require the most
M3: But dollar is no more an international currency
ME:  True sir, but we import oil which is need of hour and their payment has to be done in dollar terms so dollar is valuable for us
M3: Ok , do you know how much is foreign exchange reserve now
ME:  I was not sure and wanted to play safe so I told Sir I think its more than 250 mn dollars
M3: Ok quiet above this value. He points toward member 4.
M4: Dr as you rightly pointed out that MBBS is just beginning ,but don’t you think that doctors are not at all going to rural area what about health of rural people
ME:  Sir I beg to defer with you here,, (he nodded) Sir infact my friends are working in rural area, my seniors are also working in rural area also Sirwhen I was student during my community medicine postings I have seen doctors working in rural area.. Sirhowever I do agree that there is problem of turn over.
M4: Dr you are from Agra or Karnataka
ME:  Sir Agra
M4: But you have spent your most of time in Karnataka
ME:  Yes sir, but I was sent there.
M4: Sent?
ME:  Yes Sir, Since I had my schooling in military school so I was sent there, But Sir later I started liking that place and infact I learned Kannada also and later on did MBBS from there.
M4: what was your choice for military school
ME:  Sir, I don’t remember (that form was filled when I was in 5th and what I remember my father had filled that form)
M4:  You did MBBS from Bijapur. Bijapur is famous for??
ME:  After a pause Sirits Golgumbaz
M4: Nodding his head .. What it is?
ME:  Sir Mausoleum of Adil Shah
M4: But why it is famous for?
ME:  Second largest dome of world. Sir also one sound resonates for 7 time.
KKP Sir: Interrupts here and looks toward me and says ok go your interview is over. You can go now. I wished them thank you and good day. When I came out it was 4:15 so my interview went for 30 minutes. Dr Paul kept on giving sarcastic look through out interview.

Exam Interview Details : Written
Subjects Taken: Public Administration, Psychology
Interview Date: 31, March 2011
Interview Board : Dr KK Paul
City: Agra

Dear Bhuvnesh, Congrats on your selection and Best of luck. Rank: 810 Roll: 048756 Name: BHUVNESH PRATAP SINGH regards chief moderator