(Interview) UPSC Interview By Dr. Lalit Kumar (Dr. K.K. Paul Board)

UPSC Interview By Dr. K.K. Paul Board

My biodata optional 1. animal husbandary and veterinary science 2. anthropology
State- bihar
Studied in Indian veterinary research institute IVRI, Bareilly
Hobbies- newspaper article collection, blogging, farm animal care
Sports- playing chess

CH. What is your name?
CH. Your roll number?
CH. Date of birth?
A. 15 jan 1982.
CH. then what is on 15th january, any thing
A. sir, army day
CH. why so.
A. sir I don’t know.
Ch. It is K M kariyapas birth day
Ch. News paper article collection is your hobby.
A. yes sir
Ch. Which type of article you collect?
A. issue related with environment and article related with animal husbandary and veterinary science
Ch. You have also given horse riding?
A. Yes sir
Ch. You ride it frequently or not?

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A. sir, now a days I m not riding
Ch. What are different types of horse pace?
A. sir it is walk, trot, cantor and gallop
Ch. What are different types of trot?
A. sir I don’t know
Ch. What is after trot is?
A. cantor
Ch. What is speed of gallop?
A. sir it is 40 – 50 km per hour
Ch 40-50 miles or km
A. km per hour
Ch. Ya it is right, but little more (he opined)
Ch. Do you know shompan
A. tribe of Africa (actually I misunderstood with similar tribe with African)
Ch. No it is andmans and nicobars tribe This is of my mistake, I disappointed little bit, perhaps he misunderstood that I was bluffing. Ch. Do you know hammendrof
A yes sir, he was anthropologist
Ch what is his contribution
A. he done work in india, study on tribles, written many monographs of tribes, many case studies,
Q. tell me some specific contribution
A. sir I don’t know
Ch. He worked on Madhya Pradesh
A. yes sir
Ch. Do you know verrier elvin
A. sir, he was anthropologist, worked in Madhya Pradesh, helped Nehru to prepare tribal panchsheel,
Ch. Yes yes, he was very close to Nehru
Ch. What was his approach
A. sir, he favoured tribals to protected from out side, he suggested some short of tribal sanctuary to protect them
Ch. Did india followed his advice
A. no sir, after 1960, india followed policy of tribal development, gave the modern and western education, and road rails etc created
Ch. Yes yes
Passed to first member
M1. Have you heard of iim
A. yes sir, it is Indian institute of management
M1. Why they are charging more fees, govt is providing subsidy to them…
A. pardon sir I am not getting your point
Explains in detail..
A. sir they are hiring good faculty of foreign, good infrastructure, other things as well like more operating cost…(interrupts)
M1. No no, they are getting subsidy by government
A. I again told same thing, added that subsidy of govt may less than they require
M1. Govt should curb this practice, (talks with chair man) after coming out student getting 10- 12 lakh package
I was helpless only nodding. All was unexpected and I was unable to understand what is going on means chairman asking very specific in anthropology and M1 irrelevant question to me
Passed to next member, he was Dr MP Yadav (ex director of IVRI). I later known about him from Ravi sir
M2. I have heard human right, what is animal right
A. sir, it is some basic rights to animals.. like not beating excessively, mutilating.. Just a human treatment on certain principles…(interrupts)
M2. Yes yes.. what government is doing
A. sire govent done legislation and (intruppts)
M2. What is
A. prevention to cruelty to animals act 1060-61
M2. Yes yes.. any organization working for this not of govt
A. society for prevention of animal
M2. What is water born disease?
A. sir diseases that are transmitted by water
M2. Name some of disease?
A. cholera, diphtheria, diarrhea… (I did not remembered more)

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