(Interview) UPSC Interview By Naga Sathish (Smt Alka Sirohi's Board)

UPSC Interview By Naga Sathish (Smt Alka Sirohi's Board)

I Am writing Only Questions here, so that they can be useful for others. Will write my answers and overall experience in sometime. Overall a good feel interview !

Name: Naga Sathish
Board : Alka Sirohi mam
Optionals : Geography and Public Administration
Hobbies : Watching movies and Cricket, Internet browsing, Reading Newspaper
Attempt : 1
Qualification: MTech CSE IIT Roorkee
From : Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

CP : So you watch cricket.. Tell 5 Cricketers who became members of Parliament?
Told 3.. But Gimme one more name please…Clue: his Father is a former CM (I was clueless even then)
CP: Kirti Azad. Heard of him?

Passed on to M1

M1 : Sathish People say “Justice delayed is Justice Denied”. Do you agree with it? What’s your opinion on it?
M1: What can be done to speed up our justice delivery system?
M1: There are lots of Adjournments of court cases… How to reduce them?

CP: There is no provision of Only 3 Adjournments anywhere. It is a recommendation of some committee. (as in my answer I said there is some provision somewhere)

M1: How the judge of high court appointed? (I blundered here, I forgot answer for this infact but finally gave it)
M1: Is there any collegium system?
M1: What changes govt. is trying to bring now to this system?
M1: You Studied in IIT Roorkee. It had some other name in the past. Do you know it?
M1 : Who is James Thomason?
M1: When is IITR established and what is the purpose of establishing it only in Roorkee and not in Allahabad or somewhere else?
M1 : You watch cricket. Can you tell me the weight of a cricket ball? (No Way i can ! :D )
M1: which newspaper do you read?
M1: Who is the editor of Hindu?

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Passes on to M2.

M2: Guntur is very closer to Vijayawada. Are they twin cities?
M2: You are from Vijayawada. There are so many coaching centers for +2 in Vijayawada. Why is it so?
M2: Don’t you think syllabus in Govt colleges is good enough to crack IIT-JEE? Isn’t the syllabus same for +2 and JEE?
M2 : If JEE questions are tough and if they are asking something that is beyond the syllabus of +2, then there is something wrong with the curriculum/syllabus of JEE? Don’t you think so?
M2: Andhra Pradesh has lot of problems with Naxals. What is naxalism
M2: If you are saying this to be Socio-Economic problem then, Why this problem is not there in Karnataka or somewhere else(As here also many socio-economic problems are there ) and only present in Andhra Orissa etc?
M2: Don’t you think Govt needs to do more here? (Before he completed this question, CP passed it to next member)

Passes on to M3.

He hampered my confidence by asking many memory based ones

M3: Have you heard of K-G basin? What is it?
M3: Why is nanotechnology getting so much prominence?
M3: Do you think with nano size experiments, we can change the fundamental properties of the materials? (He was going indepth into this, i had to say couple of I donno's here )
M3: Have you heard of Visakha Case ? (yes, sexual harassment one)
M3: Can you tell specific guidelines given in that judgement ? ( I donno)
M3: What is IISER? (Donno :( )
M3: So many memory based questions here….I never heard them before also… around 4 or 5 of them.. for all I said I Donno
From here again i could answer few satisfactorily.

M3: Have you heard of Kuchipudi village? Where is it?
M3: Can you name some of the dancers of kuchipudi?
M3: There is a specific character which they depict for which these are famous. Do you know that character?
M3: Is there any award or something associated with kuchipudi?
M3: I was expecting if something like PadmaBhushan or PadmaVibhushan is awarded to any of these dancers. Do you know?
M3: Who is the best fielder in present cricket team?
M3: Is jadeja not a good fielder?
M3: Do you know where Suresh Raina is from? (Again forgot :( )

Was feeling bit low after M3's grilling.. but M4 kinda rescued before Alka mam drowned my ship again !

Passes on to M4

M4: Why IIT Roorkee was established in roorkee only (Yes repeated same question)
M4: What is the year of establishment of IIT Roorkee?
M4: Do you know that when upper ganga canal was built, people refused to drink/irrigate land with that water? (Ooh.. i donno this)
M4: So, you are from Vijayawada which is in Guntur district right?
M4: Then what is the hq of Krishna district?
M4: This area is very close to Telangana region. Can you tell me about the Geography of the region? (I dint understand what he was trying to ask me )
M4: What are the major products of Krishna District? (I told agricultural products, he said something something about krishna district, hez very old, and after telling whole story he said do you know? :-o i thot WHAT !!! Apparently he was asking question, but i felt it to be like a story ! ).

M4: It is said that Krishna District provides food to all southern states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka and even to Maharashtra. Do you know why?
M4: Tell about your district geography first, then Andhra Pradesh geography. (Before i answer this question fully, moved on to next question)
M4: You also watch movies. According to you who is the best hero in Telugu movie at present?
M4: What is his latest movie?
M4: What does the word “Dookudu” mean?

CP Tookover from here

CP: Can you tell me what is ISDN? (Donno :( )
CP: Can you tell me the names of TCP/IP Layers?
CP: There is no Session/Presentation layer in TCP/IP Sathish (I corrected myself here, tcp/ip has only 5-layers).
CP: Your interview is over.. ohh wait wait.. last question for you before you go… Gave 1 puzzle to solve. 9 dots in 3x3 matrix. Have to join all of them with 4 lines without lifting the pen. (My mind was already blank.. cudn't think of any logics here)

CP: Ok. Don’t worry. Try after you go back.
CP: Your Interview Over ! Thanks !

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