(Interview) UPSC Interview By Nitesh Kumar (K.K. Paul Board)

UPSC Interview By Nitesh Kumar

Session- Afternoon (1st Candidate To Be Interviewed) I Entered The Room.. All Were Talking.. I Was Welcomed By KK Paul Sir.

KK- (Put His Samsung Touch Phone out of His Pocket) What is This?
Me- Sir This A Samsung Touch Mobile Phone.

KK- How It Works?
Me- Sir It Has Sensors in it and The Time When We Touch It, A Command is Given To The Phone to do That Particular Operation.

KK- What is The Basic Principle Behind That?
Me- Sorry Sir, I Don't Know.

KK- What is Piezoelectric Effect?
Me- Sir When We Press Any Piezoelectric Material, Then That Particular Stress is Converted Into Electricity.

KK- Yes That's The Principle Behind This.
Me- Thank U Sir. I'll Put That In My Mind.

KK- (Showing an LCD In Room) What Kind Of Tv Is This? How Can U Judge It By Viewing That Whether It Is LCD, LED Or Plasma?
Me- Sir It Is Led T.V. We Can Judge It By Its Thickness As Led Are Quite Thicker As Compare To Led And Plasma.

M2- So Mr. Nitesh You Play Many Games Like Football, Basketball, Badminton. Do U Have Any Achievement In Those?
Me- Yes Sir I Won Silver Medal In Badminton North Regional Level Games.

M2- (Suddenly He Change The Topic) U Heard About Naxalites? Who Are They? And What Are They Demanding For?
Me- Sir Naxalites Are The Local Person Of Particular Areas In Jharkhand Chhatisgarh And Orrisa Who Are Demanding For Their Rights. They Are Demanding For The Development Of Their Areas.

M3- Ohh Are They Local People?
Me- Yes Sir.

M3- What Are Their Sovereign Rights?
Me- Sir They Are Also Indians And They Also Have Fundamental Rights As All Other Indians Have. Their Areas Are Undeveloped And They Need Some Development Over There.

M4- What Is The Full Form Of Saarc And Where Is Its Headquarter??
Me- Sir, Saarc is South Asian Association Of Regional Cooperation And Its Headquarter Is In Kathmandu, Nepal.

M4- A New Member Has Been Added To Uno. Which is it?
Me- Sorry Sir I Don't Know.

M5- How An Electrical And Electronics Engineer Help In CPF?
Me- As We Know That Our Nation And Forces Are Growing At Very High Speed And We Need Technical Persons Of All Field To Help In Advancement Of It.

KK- Why Do U Want To Join CPF?
Me- Sir It Was My Dream Job Since Childhood. I Tried A Lot In Defense Forces Also But Unluckily I Was Conference Out 3 Times. Then I Gave CPF Exam And Luckily I Got Through And Now Am Here In Front Of You.

KK- What Do U Want To Join CISF Only?
Me- Sir It Has 2 Aspects According To Me. 1st is That Everybody Want To Live A Social Life And CISF Gives That And 2nd Thing Is It Also Provide A Hard Life Also For Example If Somebody Is Posted To NHPC Project In A Far Flung Area. Hence Its A Combination Of Both Aspects That's Why I Want To Join It.

KK- Being In CPF What Would You Do As A Asstt Cmndnt For Your Unit And For Its Betterment?
Me- Sir I Would Make A Plan That What Are Our Problems And What Are The Areas Where We Need To Develop. And Then According To That Plan I Work Upon.

KK- Ok Mr. Nitesh Thank U
Me- Thank you Sir.

I Greet All And Comes Out Of Room..

Exam Interview Details: UPSC CPF AC 2010
Date: 14-Sep-2011
Interview Board : K.K. PAUL