(Interview) UPSC Interview By Prince Garg (Prof. K.S. Chalam Board)

UPSC Interview By Prince Garg

Name: Prince Garg
Type: Interview

C- Prof. K.S. Chalam
O- Other members

I entered after taken permission…
P- Good afternoon mam, Good afternoon Sir

C- So Prince you are from Delhi.
P- Yes Sir

C- Have you ever visited Noida
P- No Sir

C- Strange you have not visited Noida ever, Have you ever gone to Gurgaon.
P- Yes Sir

C- Thank God
(I was still standing, they had not asked me to sit yet)
C- Oh Prince, have a seat 1st
P- Thank you Sir

O- Mr. Prince while coming from Laxmi Nagr, You would have seen Red Fort
P- No Sir, Autowala brought me from different route.

O (1st member)- No problem, so tell me what's written on RED FORT main gate
P- Sorry Sir, I do not know.

O- So tell me how many times Delhi has been made
P- Its seven times.

O- Name them chronologically, a nd who built them
P- (I could name only 4 times , had 4 gotn chronology)

O- What changes you have seen in infrastructure of East Delhi after CWG.
P- Sir more number of flyovers, roads have been widened.

O- He cut me in b/w and asked how many flyovers to be precise..
P-Sorry sir..

C- Prince, basically you are from Delhi?
P- No Sir, My roots are in HARYANA.

C- Have you ever gone to any village?
P- Yes Sir, I have gone to my village Khanara many times.

C- Ohh Khanara…so tell me what problems you have seen there.
P- Sir 1 biggest problem I have seen is that, women are not considered as human beings there

C- What? What are you saying prince, No women are not human beings.. ha ha, everybody started laughing like hell, they were killing me
P- (I started stammering), Sir I want to request something
C- Ya Please say!
P- Sir I have stammering problem in English, but I can communicate well in Hindi, Can I use some Hindi in between
C- GO Ahead! I have no problem.

O- See Prince, We will ask questions only in English but you can answer in Hindi
P- Sir I can speak English but some where I’l use Hindi, Thanks, Sir in my village I have seen discrimination of women, they are not supposed to study, only work they have to do is: household chores, bearing children and worshipping their husbands
C- ha ha
P- Sir UNDP 2010 report places INDIA at 114th rank in GDI, according to ADB’s report even the Pakistani women are in better position than Indian, in whole South Asia only Afghan women are behind than Indian that too because of Taliban
C- Then why Indian women is so much discriminated, there is no Taliban in India?
P- Sir there are various mini Talibani groups in India
C- ha ha

(He started talking to other members which I was not able to understand)
P- (I cut them in between) Sir, what happened in Manglore two years back

C- What happened? Come on tell me (Again he was laughing)
P- Sir a group of 30 women was beaten because women wanted to enjoy in a pub, they said women should not go out of home after 7 pm., Is n’t it Talibani attitude?
C- Oh come on that was just hyped by media
P- Sir 1st it happened only then it came into news ?

(At this Chalam Sir became restless)
C- Have you ever seen women discrimination? Where tell us. Don’t give us newspaper data.
P- sir I have seen it in my home, my sister was always discriminated vis a vis me in many respects..
( at this Chalam sir became serious and ..)
C- It happened in your house and you are telling me here in front of board?
P- yes sir! Facts are facts.

(At this Chalam stopped, and passed on to other member)
O- Prince, tell me about the problems of Indian defence system,  why we import every  and do not make in country?
P- Sir we are allowing only 26% FDI, It should be at least 74% as recommended by many committees, We can open sum SEZ for this purpose, less expenditure on R&D and we do not have funds to establish such huge arms and industries..
O- But we have to spend even in importing and my dear DRDO has more than 50 labs across country so hw can you say that we do not spend on R&D, (he was not satisfied),

O- (3rd member)- China never imports arms, they build them on their territory, y cant India do that? China exports huge arms to the whole world.. is not it?
P- Sir, at least 70% of Chinese exports come from its huge SEZ, we do not have such big SEZ
(at this , they he became silent but still he was nt satisfied)

C- Prince suppose I give you a land of size of this room, how will you increase your agricultural output there? Can you mention sum problems of farmers?
P- Sir Indian farmers are uneducated, they do not understand novel ideas, size of land is too small to use big machines, credit problems, chemical fertilizers have sucked the fertility of land, bio fertilizers should be used

C- no no, tell me how will you increase fertility in short run, u r telling long run solutions
P- Sir in Punjab, farmers r getting benefited from PPP, a company named PEPSICO hire farmers, company give them credit, fertilizers, irrigation facilities, new methods and farmer just puts its land and labour
(Members were quite convinced and I had a smile of victory. lols)

C- So Prince you have done B.E. from DTU, one of the best technical university of country and still you coming here?
P- Sir frankly speaking I wanted to study humanities after school but my family and friends told me that after B.E. you can earn easily but after humanities you can't earn just after graduation and as my financial position wasn’t good so I opted for B.E., Actually I was forced…but I never enjoyed engineering, It wasn’t my aim, I felt it in college..

C- Oh to tum paise kamane aaye ho yahaa.. (he started talk in to other members, Sir I am telling you this boy wants to earn a lot of money etc etc…)
P- I interrupted them in b/w, Sir I was offered 6 lacks package in DCE campus but I didn’t accept, many friends of mine are in IIMs today and some have been offered Packages of 15-18 lacks, civil services can never fetch me that money..

(At this Chalam again laughed and again started talking to members like ma’am I m telling you this boy want to give a big shot, ek baar me hi kamana chahta ha hahahaha)
O- Prince your hobby is internet surfing, tell me the name of Indian search engine.
P- Sorry Sir, I do not know.

O- Tell me about PARAM
P- Sir its indian supercomputer and was fastest in Asia Two years back now a Chinese has overtaken

O- Tell me difference between Indian super computer and American Super Computer. What's the basic difference in their infrastructure
P- sir US super computer Are faster than Indian, that's all I know. (He wasn’t satisfied)

(Chalam passed on to the last member then)
O ( lady member)- It seems you want to say that men are enemy of women, every time you are saying men discriminate women, but women discriminate the women most, do you know this Prince?
P- You are right mam but that's because women have already been brain washed, unko bachpan se he bol diya jata ha ke pati is parmeshwar (I used these words there)
(At this reply Chalam sir bich me he kood pade)

C- You know madam why he is so much talking about women and all because he has read sociology. ha ha..
Madam laughed 1st time
P- Sir, in my last attempt I wrote mains with Maths, this time I changed Maths and took Sociology, I have never heard of Sociology before ever.. (at this Chalam passed a smile)
(now lady member who seemed to b a Sociologist was determined to screw me)

O (lady member)- What steps will you take for women empowerment if you become collector.
P- Mam I’ll ensure their education and employment, self help groups can be strengthened, once they will be Economically empowered, they will have a say in household decision making (I quoted Karl Marx)
O- No prince, Its not right, even the highly educated, employed women suffer domestic violence..
(I was about to say something but mam stopped me and asked)

Tell me the problems of elder people in India and what can be the solutions?
(I was about to start but Chalam Sir said, just tell us the solutions)
P- Sir parliament made an act in 2007 where elder people can sue their children in court if they do not care them

O (lady member)- oh come on its not a practical solution, how come a 70yrs old woman can go to court?
P- you are right mam but that act can be made more elder people friendly, also like we have a campaign ie BELL BAJAO CAMPAIGN in Delhi 2 counter domestic violence.

(Chalam Sir stopped me and asked)
C- why elders are facing problem today, pehle to aisa nahi hota tha
P- Sir because of diminishing moral values, norms…Sir in joint families elder used to enjoy much more respect but in todays nuclear families
( Chalam cut me in between)
C- oh come on, on one side you want development, industrialization and on the other hand you want moral values, aise nahi hota. Hahahahaha

Finally lady member said.. Prince you are good, you are on the right track but you need further studies.

C- Ok Prince you can go, your interview is over..
P- Thank you very much sir, have a nice day

(When I came out of room my body was completely shivering but I was happy anyways.)

Exam Interview Details :

Subjects Taken:  Sociology, Public Administration
Date: 24-Mar-2011
Time: 12.20pm to 12.50pm
Interview Board : Prof. K.S. Chalam
City : Delhi