(Interview) UPSC Interview By Yashpal (Mrs. Rajni Razdan)

UPSC: IFS Interview By Yashpal

Name: Yashpal
Time: 10 Minutes

Good Afternoon Mam.
Chairperson: Good Afternoon, please be seated.

C: What is your name, roll no, date of birth etc.
Me: Told the answers in a smiling manner

C: (Showed me my passport photo & asked) is it you.
Me: Yes Mam.

C: So Mr. Yashpal you are already in a job
Me: Yes Mam I am in Indian army & undergoing training in officers training academy, Chennai.

C: Then why do you want to leave army & join forest services.
Me: Mam actually everybody seeks a job after finishing his graduation. I have seen from my college many people getting ifs and not getting too. so i kept another options open as substitute, I filled both forms together but fortunately CDS result came first and I joined if IFS result would have come first I would surely have join IFS but being a forestry graduate I have more inclination towards forest services.

C: Ok (To Member1) Sir you proceed.
M1: So Mr. Yashpal you have a forestry background.
Me: Yes sir

M1: Tell me something about forests
Me: Told definition of forest (which he was not listening)

M1: What are the roles of forests ?
Me: It broadly it can be categorised in protective productive and socioeconomic

M1: Give examples
Me: Sir wood and soil-water etc conservation. economic gain via jobs employment etc

M1: So you have studied physics chemistry and biology in class 12th so tell me something about faraday's law
Me: Sorry sir I m not able to recollect now.

M1: Asked some physics questions which I told I do not know he asked the reason so I told that its a long time since I studied physics so it is difficult to recollect now

M2: Have you ever been to Jodhpur fort
Me: Yes sir

M2: Who built it
Me: Rao Jodha

M2: When
Me: 1496

M2: What are important plantation in jodhpur
Me: Sir its pungam and ailanthus exelsa.

M2: No I want a particular thorny spp which Jodhpur Maharaja planted.
Me: Asked for a minute time and told that sir I am not able to recollect it now sorry

M3: Why you took 7 years for getting a degree
Me: Sir I prepared for medical and failed (all smiled)

So you wanted to become a doctor then you joined army now you want to come to IFS (everybody smiled)
Me: Sir I studied in government school so that much awareness was not there in time being I came to know about ICAR and passed in it

M3: Its ok so tell me about ozone depletion
Me: Explained complete procedure including reactions of oxygen free radicle

M3: So you have heard about CFC, tell me formula gor monochloromonofluoromethane
Me: I tried in air then asked for a paper and told him formula after writing

M3: So you are living in Chennai can a person make a house or hotel on marina beach
Me: No sir

M3: What will prevent him

M3: When it took place
Me: 2010

M3: So what are for CRZ
Me: Rural, urban ecological etc

M4: Tell me difference in conservation and preservation
I told answer but he was not convinced, he asked me to further elaborate which I did and was 50% satisfied

M4: Ex situ and in situ conservation
Me: Told difference

M4: Can you give me one example of each
Me: I gave.

M4: Tell me in two points what should be done to mitigate present day environmental problems
Me: Sir according to me (M1 interrupted according to you he laughed) I admitted sir I mean I feel that those two points should be one reduction of emission, two awareness

M4: What do you do in a gene bank
Me: I blabbered

Suddenly Chairperson- Thank you Mr. Yashpal
I thanked them in a surprised manner and came out. Throughout the interview chairperson was busy in reading my biodata n taking down some notes m1 was curiously watching me and taking down some notes m2 was busy and other than his question time he never looked up m3 was observing me top to bottom and taking notes on a yellow paper and m4 was busy in eating.

Exam Interview Details : IFS 2010
Subjects Taken : Forestry and Agriculture
Interview Date : 01-Feb-2011
Interview Board : Mrs Rajni Razdan
Result of Interview : Qualified
City : Jodhpur