(Query) About Management Optionals

About Management Optionals


I am 2nd year MBA student & wish to take Management as optional for CS exam.The Part I sylllabus of Management almost matches with our 1st year syllabus of MBA & part II 70% syllabus matches with my 2nd year. Hence, I decided to go for Management. However, I do not find any coaching institute offering coaching(classroom or postal course) in this subject. Also, I rarely find any candidate qualifying IAS exam with this optional. Due to above reasons, I feel that I would not be able to get much guidance from seniors, coaching institutes & other group of aspirants. This may hurt my exam oriented preparation as I have to prepare in isolation.My friend told me to consider Public Administration as it is popular & has some of the syllabus similar to MBA. However, I am not convinced with this when I matched its syllabus with Management.

Also I do not know which specific books of Management to follow specifically for CS exam. I am planning to take Psychology as my 2nd optional. Plz give me information about the coaching institutes which offer coaching for Management & list of boks to follow. Plz advise regarding the selection of optionals---Management vis-a-vis Public Adminstration. I planning to take CS in 2012. I have no one in my family in this field & hence lack guidance. Plz help.