Query About Writing Strategy for Descriptive Quesions in Mains

Query :

Sir, what is the writing strategy for descriptive quesions in mains, what upsc is expecting when we write an descriptive answer, how to convey our answer logically and meaningfully with limited words, if a candidate is appearing mains first time how to treat question in what style he has to grasp the entire topic and what are aspect to remember while reading or writing a descriptive answer...........else all about descriptive questions answering strategy.

by srikanth

Answer :

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for sharing your concern with us.

As for your query:

You are expected to write to the point and analytic answers in the Mains exam. Based on the new exam pattern, you cannot afford to waste time in write the long descriptive answers. You are expected to write 25*200 (5000) words in 3 hours. it is not an easy task.

Thus, you should practice writing to the point answers, while maintaining the links between different points.

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