(Query) Query regarding Civil Services Chronicle Subscription

Query regarding Civil Services Chronicle Subscription

Please send me official site of civil service cronicale magzine. how?
Can i subscribe it at my home?

--Prafulla Pokhara

Same procedure as above but MO of 550 /- for 1 year.
do specify- which medium. because they too run in both Hindi/ English

Chronicle Publication Pvt Ltd.
Sector 2
Noida (UP)-201301

Once they get your money, they'll mail you the invoice via post and then start sending the magazines. Generally it comes on 17th of Each month. They've got a website too, but haven't updated it since 2006, so not mentioning it. They also offer to send you magazine via courier if you're living in a big city / State capital (but you'll have to pay Rs.100/- for it) BUT its not required as even in the normal post – it comes regularly.

--Shiv Sharma