Request for Inclusion of Biotechnology in IAS Mains Exam

Inclusion of Biotechnology in IAS Mains Exam

Biotechnology is a full fledged field emerging so well UPSC must include "Biotechnology" as one of the subjects in your IAS mains exam. I am an M.Tech. biotechnology student and a strong aspirant for IAS. But the list of mains subjects always big me down when I do not see my subject there. I can also prepare for some other subject but I must say biotechnology is a better and deserving subject to judge an individual. Its so unfair for biotechnology engineers as you are not even considering it.

Please consider my suggestion.
I will be very thankful.


Hi All,

My suggestions to all about including Biotechnology as one of the subjects in UPSc is that ,it should never be allowed to be a subject good enough for All India level exam.As biotechnolgy is subject dependent upon the sound knowledge of other Sciences subjects.Like Zoology,Botany ,Chemistry,Physics,Genetics etc ,so conducting all India UPSc Bio Tech exam will not do justice for all the candidates attenting the exam,More over Biotech students must understand their limits before suggesting any thing like that.Can a Biotech student have good command over any of the science subjects completely? No unless they have prior background knowledge .But all the Advance basic science subjects automatically lead to Biotech naturally.