(Success Story) Sonia Mahajan IAS Topper 2012 , AIR 150

(Success Story) Sonia Mahajan IAS Topper 2012 , AIR 150

Name : Sonia Mahajan

Rank :  AIR 150

Exam Name : IAS

City : Chandigarh

Attempt No: 3rd Attempt

Q : When did you start your preparation for the examination? What was your strategy for this examination?

Answer : i started it after my post graduation in 2009

Q. What is the best way to prepare current affairs?

Ans. Reading the Hindu religiously and going through any good monthly magazine as chronicle...

Q. What about time management? And what was your strategy for mains and interview?

Ans. I studied my subjects and GS for equal proportionate time and writing more and more is funda for success in mains..for interview I followed discussion with my companion on current topics...

Q. Did you join any coaching institute? What is your opinion about coaching institute?

Ans. Yes I joined Anil kumar's IAS study circle in Chandigarh.. Good coaching institutes build your base...so choice of coaching institutes is the most important...

Q. Tell Us About Your Interview?

Ans. My Interview was in Mr. Vijay Singh's board.. It was good. They asked me questions about my home State Haryana and my Subject Sociology Mainly..

Q. What is your suggestion for new aspirants?

Ans.: I will say only one thing that be disciplined and patient..just open your eyes and close your ears until you get your goal..

Q. Your opinion about UPSCPORTAL Online Community.

Ans. its really a great platform for aspirants which makes us updated about everything related to civil services...

Q. What do you feel about the secret of your success? To whom do you refer for the credit your success?

Ans. Secret of my success is avoiding negative persons and having good people around me. I give credit of my success to my parents and my Fiance Sandeep who always stood by me in difficult circumstances..