UPSC is gonna change PT exam pattern this time

Hi All Dear Friends,
In spite of what else others have said or are saying I am pretty sure that UPSC is gonna change PT exam pattern this time. The optional paper will no longer be there in PT. In place of that there will be one paper on general aptitude whch will be designed to test overall personality and attitude of the candidate. The other thing is that Mains pattern will remain the same for next few years till the UPSC design the final structure of the Main exam. Then age, eligibility and pattern everyhthing will undergo a complete overhaul. For that major change, parliament approval will be needed. But so far this year is concerned a minor change in the second paper of the PT exam will not need any approval from the parliament.

This change in PT has become imminent in the wake of the changed scenerio after the year 2005.The year 2005 has become an important landmark in the history of governance in India..
Rajeev Kumar

Sir, pls upload Pratiyogita darpan english and where can i get main mangement option question paper. P.Ganesan