UPSC Interview by Mantada Raja Dayanidhi (Chhattar Singh Board)

UPSC Interview by Mantada Raja Dayanidhi (Chhattar Singh Board)

Name: Mantada Raja Dayanidhi

Date of Interview: 27th May, 2014

Attempt: 2nd

Session: Afternoon

Board: Manbir Singh

Exam Name: CSE

Educational Background: Doctor


INDEX: CM-chairman, M-member, D-myself (daya)

D-gud aftn sirs,madam(one female member)
CM-gud aftn pls sit

D-thq sir
CM- so mantada is ur first name or wat?

D-no sir,its my name s mantada raja dayanidhi.ppl call me daya
CM-oh ok,so u finished ur study in 2012,wat were u doin till now?preparing for 2 yrs?

D-SIR I FINISHED MY FINAL YR in 2012,but my internship in as soon as i finished my internship i started prep.
CM-why was osho famous/controversial?

D-sir cos hez the spiritual guru who talked abt sex.while all others viewed sex and spirituality as contradictions,hez the one who derived sex from spirituality and spirituality from sex
CM-how did u get intrest in osho?

D-sir since my 10th std i had many doubts about god.whether is he really exists,is god male r female etc.during my preparation one of my teachers gave us a handout on osho (I 4gt to tell the name,but nw i tel,its venkat mohan sir).when i read it was intresting and i dwelled deep into his philosophy.I understood that derz no god but only godliness.creation can exist without creator and creation itself sustains on its own.when u attribute god to a noun,u get all the confusions like wer is he,is god male r female,who created god then etc.but when v attribute god to a quality ie adjective godliness then all these confusions are gone.! V can say few qualities as godliness like truth,honesty,forgiveness,liberal minded etc.So i understood from these that its not god who created man but it was man who created god.many ppl like budha,Gandhi said the same abt it

CM interrupted saying-but Gandhi was firm believer in god,ram is nt he? He dint have any doubts abt god
D-yes sir i agree with you but here essentially Gandhi teachings say that there is truth in every person.He personified that as god,ram.but i say i donot personify it but i just believe in qualitygodliness

CM-what is BRICS
D-sir its a regional block (CM corrected-its not a reg block).Yes sir ita a group of nations brazil,Russia,china,india,south Africa.they constitute few imp nations from each continent(i explained from wch cont wch country etc)

CM-wat r its objectives?
D-i took a pause (i knw m gonna fumble on this) sir i dnt knw its objectives exactly but with ur permission i wud like to make a guess

CM-dont guess,try it
D-thanq sir.this group is a platform to create multipolar world.

CM-wats polar unipolar bipolar?
D-i explained cold war stuff etc domination of USA in world affairs etc

CM-in current world u can be a power only if ur militarily strong.So wat shd b the prospects of india in this?
D-yes sir i agree with you but i think india’s policy with any country should be such a way as how to make Indians more happy and prosperous rather than eyeing on becoming a regional r global power

CM nodded and passed the baton to member

M1-whoz the finance,defence,home,ext affairs min?i answered them one by one.
M1- do you think arun jaitley (AJ) wil remove raghu ram rajan(RR)?WHY?
D-sir therez a speculation that....M1 interrupted sayng-no don’t tell speculations tell me ur view.wat do u know of RR?

M1-sir hez the 1 who anticipated recession.wen he was made rbi gov,all were happy that he shall be pro industry but he made his stand very clear that his priority shall b inflation by wch the common man gets effected evry day.around 70% of Indian population daily finding difficulty for daily items like veg given his integrity i do not think AJ wil remove RR

M2-raj nath singh is the HM,so wat the challenges that the BJP govt tackle the border esp Kashmir wrt pak and A.P wrt to china?tell wat shud d govt do?
D-SIR the ideal solution for Kashmir shall be making it a trilateral issue including pak,india,Kashmir.M1 interrupted saying by kashmiris u mean both pundits and muslims?i said s sir and continued-but as the nations boundaries have become sacrosanct and given the BJP ideology of national integrity,the better solution for Kashmir shall be within constitution.implementing art 370 in letter n spirit,gradually withdraw AFSPA(i dnt remember exactly whether i told abt AFSPA,but i cant say firmly dat i dint mention it.Datsy m including),making borders irrelevant,providing 3 Es-edu,employment,economy,making de facto boundaries de jure.wen u make ppl happy, prosperous and if they don’t feel discriminated i think the unrest automatically solves.wrt china,AP also i feel the same making de facto de jure making borders irrelevant and give them empowerment

M2 (female)-her 1st q was very long i can remember only the gist.
M2-so daya doctors are treated as gods as they save lives.and u have intrest in religion wch is a vast subject.u already achieved godliness being a doctor and now u want to come into don’t u think that u r contradicting ur own self with spirituality and civils?
M2-mam i wud like to tell that i dint achieve godliness nor m i god.M2 interrupted sayin that i feel so its my view.i continued-i look only for godliness in people but not becoming god.comin to civils my fascination goes to my school days where once our DM debabrata kanta and SP nalin prabhat happened to attend the inauguration of police stn in our town.i was attracted and interested to knw who r they.wen i asked my family,teachers they answered in a single line saying that they r civil servants and SOLUTION FINDERS of the district.M2 and other members asked solution finders?? I replied a firm s that intrest grew along with my age.
Mam in my view a person has two worlds-material world and spiritual.material means his daily needs.i feel that only wen his material needs are met then his spiritual quest starts.4 eg if a person is hungry he needs food first.only wen he gets food then he can think of y does he need particular food,gud food (i was searching for words she added tasty food).so in the hierarchy of needs first comes material needs,then comes needs of spirituality etc and civils addresses this........she gestured me its ok and passed to next member..i was confused wether she got my point or bored by it n passed on the baton

M3-so ur from AP ur aware of Maoism in ur state (i added s sir,the LWE).he said yes please tell me hw did AP successfully tackled this prob n tell me whether can v emulate this model on pan india 4 maoism like in CG,JHK etc?
D-sir the AP model was a two pronged approach of development and resistance.called as greyhounds model started by vyas sir not depending on central forces,an elite force was created by local police who knew the terrain well.they were highly motivated with adequate pays.Ppl feel a sense of proud to be in that force.they understood the ground terrain local informers and effectively curbed.on other side pplice became friendly with local ppl with devolpment programs etc.In my view there is a strong trust bw Maoists and long as this trust continues it becomes difficult.police successfully cut this trust (i was gesturing with fingers like a scissors and cutting action) and it was huge success.

On a pan india model i believ ther e cant be one single model.each state has its own unique i believ each state shud devise its own indigenous way to tackle this but taking help wenever necessary.I feel central forces wont work cos they don’t knw the local conditions.

M3-wat r the reasons for farmer suicides in ur state and wats d solution?
D-sir i feel more than economic angle there is a social angle to it.a farmer feels land is his mother and wen he is debt trapped as he is helpless he dies.also in siricilla (it was not siricilla but north telangana as whole but it came to me like that) region of our state it was found that more ppl r dying to get the ex gratia announced by the govt hoping that atleast their children wont be debt trapped.also the input costs are high.low irrigation facilities in Telangana wer its completely rain fed compared to deltaic regions of seemandra.ppl dnt knw abt soil diagnosis they apply fertlsrs blindly.nor do they knw abt weather prediction etc The solution is that farmers r not educated properly.govt has many programs for soil testing,fertiliser help,weather predictions etc but its not reaching the ifeel farmers need to b educated.sir here i wud like to quote abt the work by an IAS poonam malakondaiah who fought a legal battle against mahyco seed company and brought seeds price drastically down.

M3-why is organic farming/fertlsrs difficult in india?
D-sir i belive that organic farming requires large land but wer as india most have small holdings.also organic fertlsrs time taking wer as chemical fertlsrs r readymade.also there is a perception in farmers that org farming does not work.Ppl like subhash palekar who made org framing famous,successful,profitable,their works need to circulated educated.

Next last member

M4-So daya ur optional is pub ad so I wil ask u 1 question.u know that india is ranked poor in doing business index (I added saying yes sir its ease of doing business index,India ranks 134.)
So tell me wat r the reasons for it and wat should India do in this aspect?
D-sir the main reason I believe is that there needs a lot of clearances licences to start a business in India.economic survey 2013 points that u need around 124 clearances to start a project in india wer as countries like Thailand japan needs only 2.So I feel we need to have a single window fast clearances and given the e-governance and computers,IT technology I feel they should be used more to save time and get the things done
Also another reason I believe that there is delay in environmental clearances and the appeal process are prolonged.So I feel there should be mandatory time bound clearances mechanisms

M4-so daya wat do u cook
D-i cook tiffins and nonveg sir

M4-y not veg?wat do u cuk in nveg?
D-sir i cook veg too but m more interested in nveg as i love nveg food.i cook chicken bryani hyderabadi

M4-wch OSHO books did u read??
D-sir i read his “from sex to superconsciousness” ie sambhogam nundi Samadhi varaku.M4 asked only 1 buk?i said that book itself is of 6 volumes.he said ya ya all his buks r many volumes.I continued-sir apart from that book i regularly watch his videos on youtube,read his pamphlets sir

M4-ok u talked abt godliness,nw tell me wat is evil?
D-absence of godliness sir (He took a quick short pause)

M4-U said that godliness is everywer nw hw can b its absence?
D-no sir its nt like that.i believ that nature is imperfect.creation in imperfect.wen its imperfect then only u get intrest in it.wen evry thg is perfect there is nothing to be there are areas wer in no godliness.that vacuum some ppl perceive it as evil.

CM-thanq u may leave
D-thanq so much sir i felt previlaged to talk to you all.thanq sir,mam gud day.M1,M2 Said have a gud day too.


The board has been v.friendly cordial.Most times they were listening allowing the candidate to speak more.No cornering/cross questions.Almost all the questions were on my profile especially hobbies.I fumbled a bit over BRICS question.The rest,I felt answered wellMy overall experience was good but should see how it goes finally