(Interview) UPSC Interview By Nidhi Choudhari (Purushotam Agrawal Board)

Name: Nidhi Choudhari

Interview Writeup:
1. What is Gargi Prize? (Reason: mentioned in Awards/Achievement in Bio-data)
2. Why Gargi?
3. Wherein this debate mentioned? (only these three questions were asked by the Chairman)
4. Why do you want to join IAS after working for RBI? (Reason: Working as Manager, RBI since 2006)
The member didn’t listen to me and stopped me from answering the question and himself suggested some reason
5. What is the talk about public debt management and RBI?
6. What is the conflict of interest in public debt mgt?

(Member 1)
7. Where are India’s forex reserves?
8. What is RBI doing with forex reserves?
9. United Nations and some government’s failure? (asked whether middle east but he said no some other government then I said I am not aware about this.)
10. Difference between Public Administration and Management? (Reason: MA in Public Administration from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 2007)
11. Goal of Public Administration?
12. Are you following what is happening in Delhi at Jantar Mantar, what will happen of Lokpal Bill? (Reason: Working in RBI, New Delhi)
13. What is sex ratio in Rajasthan? (Reason: Born and Brought up in Nagaur District of Rajasthan)
14. What will you do if you are posted in a district where female foeticide is prevalent?
(Member 2)
15. Are you aware of Forbes list?
16. Forbes most inspiring women of India? (Reason: Being a woman)
I didn’t know it.
17. Two women from contemporary India who have inspired you? (Aruna Roy and Shyamala Gopinath)
18. Why?
19. What is the role of student union? (Reason: Vice President, Student’s Union in Government Bangar College, Didwana)
20. What is your take on their present way of functioning?
21. Political parties’ involvement in Students Union?

(Lady Member)
22. What is the difference between gift and dowry?
23. Recently, in a marriage in Delhi expensive gifts were given to guests whether that is dowry?
24. Which Act?
25. How the act defines dowry? (Not able to recall)
26. Upto what level reservation should be given?
27. When in corporate sector CMDs are not appointed on the basis of reservation why government appoints through reservation?
28. I am in medical field and have seen that no MLA / MP wants to undergo medical treatment by somebody who has been selected through reservation. Then why reservation? (Member 4)

The interview ended.

Exam Interview Details :

Date: April 8, 2011
Result of Interview: Qualified
City : New Delhi

Rank: 678
Roll No: 024048

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