UPSC Interview by Priyank Jain (P. Kilemsungla Board)

UPSC Interview by Priyank Jain (P. Kilemsungla Board)

Name: Priyank Jain

Date: 29th of April

Session: Afternoon

Board: P. Kilemsungla Ma’am

Questions by Chairperson -

  • You have written Teaching as a hobby, what kind of teaching do you do?
  • What did you gain from teaching slum kids?
  • Are you still in touch with these kids?
  • What could be done to improve the education services in rural areas?
  • Give me two solutions which would be effective in bridging the quality of education rich and poor students get?

Member 1 -

  • What is the difference between society and civil society?
  • Do you think the difference is artificial? Wouldn’t it be better if we have only – a society and not many civil societies?
  • Name major insurgencies which happened in India after 1947.
  • Explain any one of them. (Explained Punjab issue)
  • How do you see the role of administration in dealing with this particular issue?
  • What can we learn from this?

Member 2 -

  • You studied Metallurgical Engineering, then why did you opt for Sanskrit Literature?
  • In ancient times, there used to be no writing mechanism or printing, how did our ancestors retained such vast literature?
  • Why are we not able to remember even one verse?
  • What were you doing for past four years after graduation? (Told about joining PMRDF)
  • Is this scheme workable? Do you think such programmes should be there at all?

Member 3 -

  • You were talking about Shruti and Smriti as modes of keeping record. I want to check your memory. Tell me Maheswar Sutra.
  • What is the importance of Maheshwar Sutra?
  • Have you read that Kalidasa has described several regions in India apart from Kashmir where saffron is grown?
  • How do you think he could possibly know such things?
  • Have you read Ritusamhara of Kalidasa?
  • You must have read that Kalidasa was a dumb person earlier. How did he change?
  • What can we learn from this?

Member 4 -

  • How can we tackle the problem of slum proliferation in India?
  • Is microfinance a workable option in low cost housing sector?
  • You must have heard of high profile resignations lately – in India and elsewhere also?
  • Do you think that such resignations are justified?

Overall, the board was very cordial. At no point did they show any positive or negative expressions. I did not give good answers in situation based questions. Even in other questions, I gave very general answers.

Courtesy: Priyank Jain Blog