What are the points I should consider while making news notes?


Hi all, I m regularly making news notes from Hindu and TOI since may 09. but still some or the other thing seems to be left when i see different quiz on current affairs and sometimes there are unusual questions too which we think cant be asked. could anybody tell me what r the all points i should consider while making news notes ?

Shree jain


Dear Shree,

Apart from making daily notes...Do a weekly revision with a magazine like Frontline etc...See what extra it has covered....You can also listen to Current affairs program on AIR Radio immediately after the 8o'clock news..Once in a while it throws up many facts n figures...Would suggest you to cover business section also..many questions are asked from economy/business related data also...

Don't worry too much that certain quiz contest asked questions which you didn't know...just incorporate those questions also...Don't go too much over board stick to basics....Ultimately you have to stick to May-2010 deadline..thats what matters