General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Countries and their Main Produces/Industries)

General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Geography of India and The World)

Countries and their Main Produces/Industries:

Countries Main Produces/Industries:

Afghanistan: Dry and fresh fruits, Carpets, Wool

Australia: Wood, dairy products, wheat, meat, lead, zinc

Austria: Machinery, textiles, leather goods

Brazil: Coffee

Belgium: Glass, textiles

Chile: Copper nitrate

Canada: Wheat, newsprint, machinery

China: Silk, tea, rice

Congo: Copper, uranium, cobalt, ivory

Cuba: Sugar, tobacco, cigar

Denmark: Textiles, paper

France: Textile, wine, silk

Germany: Machinery, chemical, iron and steel equipments

Ghana: Coco, gold, coffee

India: Jute, textiles, sugar, spices, tobacco, tea, cement, mica etc.

Indonesia: Sugar, spices, rubber, rice, cinchona, petroleum

Iran: Petroleum, carpets, dry fruits

Iraq: Dates, petroleum

Italy: Mercury, textiles

Japan: Machinery, textiles, toys, silk, automobiles

Kenya: Coffee, tea, meat, sisal, hides

Kuwait: Petroleum

Malaysia: Rubber, tin

The Netherlands: Machinery, aircraft, electricals

Saudi Arabia: Oil, dates

Spain: Lead

Sweden: Matches, timber

Switzerland: Watches, chemicals, electricals

Taiwan: Camphor, rice

UK: Textiles, medicines, machinery, cars

USA: Petroleum, wheat, machinery, coal, automobiles, iron etc.

Russia: Petroleum, wheat, chemicals, heavy machinery, etc.

Vietnam: Tin, rice, rubber, teak, etc.

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