General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Zonal Railways)

General Knowledge for IAS Exams (Geography of India and The World)

Zonal Railways

New Zones that started functioning on 1st April, 2003

Zone Headquarters

  • East Coast Railway: Bhubaneshwar

  • South Western Railway: Hubli

  • West Central Railway: Jabalpur

  • North Central Railway: Allahabad

  • South East Central Railway: Bilaspur

New Zones that were created on 10th October, 2002

  • North Western Railway: Jaipur

  • East Central Railway: Hajipur

Old Zones as they are after April, 2003

  • Western Railway: Mumbai

  • Central Railway: Mumbai

  • Easter Railway: Kolkata

  • Southern Railway: Chennai

  • Northern Railway: New Delhi

  • North Eastern Railway: Gorakhpur

  • South Central Railway: Secumderabad

  • South Eastern Railway: Kolkata

  • North-East: Guwahati

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