(Getting Started) IAS Preparation for Rural/Remote Areas Students

IAS Preparation for Rural/Remote Areas Students

Breaking the Delhi/NCR Myth:

Civil Services Examination is a respectable career option. Thus, a large number of candidates take the examination every year, to enter the IAS, IPS, IFS and other Allied Services. Most of the aspirants choose to come to the major cities for their preparations and coaching. However, a large number of aspirants are not able to reach out to the urban centers- like Delhi- which has become the hub of coaching and study material. These candidates face the challenge of preparing for the IAS exam, without a developed market and coaching. Therefore, through this article, we try to discuss and guide the candidates, who are unable to come to the big cities for preparations.

It is an unfortunate fact that most of our rural and remote areas lack in the availability of sufficient resources and coaching institutions, for the preparation of civil services examination. However, still, a serious aspirant shall not let his confidence fall. Though the avenues of traditional coaching are not available for the aspirants residing in the rural and remote areas of India, but, there are many other options that such candidates might choose.

The Silver Lining for the Rural/Remote Area Students

Understand one thing, there is no correlation between the possibility of attaining success at the IAS exam and not living in 'Delhi/NCR'. What matters is your preparation and dedication towards the exam preparation. If you are able to focus on your goal and keep your mind away from the various distractions, nothing can stop you from touching success.

You must understand that the main reason a candidate comes far from his home is to be able to focus better. However, for a serious aspirant, it should not be of much value. A serious candidate can prepare for the exams from anywhere. Also, it is a great myth that an aspirant is able to put all of his focus on his preparations, when studying away from his home. In reality, living outside is not easy. Away from your home, you'll have to look after a whole lot of necessities and make arrangements for yourself. This takes a great amount of mind and time.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

Thus, a candidate, living in his native town, should make himself understand that there is no extra edge for the people preparing from outside the home. Instead, a person living in a family environment can fall back to the family support, in times of depression and stress.

This acts as a silver lining for the candidates, hailing from rural/remote areas.

The only factor that matters for such aspirants is the availability of quality study material and guidance channel. Through the various initiatives of the IASEXAMPORTAL, we ensure that these concerns are also met adequately.

Express Points:

  1. The most important thing that matter in determining your success at the IAS exam is your dedication and commitment. If your are serious enough, the closeness of the market and coaching does not matter much. So do not get bogged down By the myths and beliefs of the orthodox groups.
  2. It is not necessary to use the Conventional methods of study. If you unable to approach the market, the Market can come to you in the form of online resources.
  3. Living at your home, and in the native place, has other added plus points. You can always count on the family support In times of distress and tension.

Resources for the Rural/Remote Area Students: Thank You IT Revolution!

Thanks to the IT revolution, that people are now able to transcend the limitations posed by distance and time. Through smartphones and tablet revolution, even the people living in the rural areas are able to reap the advantages of the internet. It is high time that the rural masses should start utilizing the internet facilities for their good. To guide the efforts of the rural/remote area students, IASEXAMPORTAL has come up with a comprehensive package for the student community, with different packages and offers, made with a concern for your interest.

In today's age, it has become possible for the aspirants to pursue their dreams through the means of information technology. We provide different types of coaching and guidance, to the students, as per your interest. As a mark of our good-will, the IASEXAMPORTAL has started an initiative to provide guidance to the different sections of the student community. see the Integrated Guidance Programme (IGP) Considering the difficulties faced by the student residing in the rural and remote areas, we have come up with an integrated guidance programme (IGP) to deal with the difficulties and challenges faced by such students, and a rational approach to deal with it.

Coming over to the main problem that confronts the rural/remote area students:

If Internet is easily Available: if you are able to manage an internet connection near your place, nothing can impede your chances of success. Having an internet access opens the floodgates of information and online market, that is ever-present to serve you. Thus, do not feel demotivated by the useless thoughts, and put your efforts in your preparations. You may select the material from the online market, or through the IASEXAMPORTAL products (Study Material, Books, Online Coaching) and prepare thereafter.

If Internet is not Available: A serious problem emerges for those students, who does not have the internet access in their area. For that, we would recommend a little extra effort, in order to fetch the maximum possible output with a minimal effort. You might visit the nearest place, where internet facility is available, and buy the appropriate study material for yourself, along with the prints of the resources you find useful on the internet. However, this would require a prior planning of what you intend to do/study for the coming weeks. This approach would help you to spend minimal time in search of the study material, while giving you an adequate time for studying.

Further, you should subscribe to a good newspaper, and read it carefully on regular basis. Again, as some recommended newspapers might not be available in some areas, you might choose to read it online, and save the important articles. This would keep you abreast with the developments taking place in the country and the world. See how to study a newspaper

Express Points:

  • If you are unable to get access to the internet and study material in your area, try to visit the nearest internet access point And buy the study material from a good source. You might also subscribe to guidance programme that suits your needs.
  • Rely on the newspapers for keeping up with the latest developments in the nation and world.
  • Planning is most important for the aspirant living in rural/remote areas. Plan ahead and you shall have no problem..

The Right Approach

An aspirant of the civil services examination should focus on studying quality material available online and in newspapers. Do not get bogged down by the unavailability of books or coaching institutes in your area. The Online markets compensate for these facilities, very adequately.

However, before starting to go deep into the studies, plan your course of action, and execute it in stages. Do not let anything for the last moment. Since the distance from the market, adds a time lag to your preparations, you must compensate for that by preparing you plans in advance.

Even if you are not able to get access the online coaching and study material, do not feel demotivated. Instead take the correspondence courses offered by a good institute. IASEXAMPORTAL gives you the opportunity to subscribe to our study material and guidance programme, without opting the online options.

Thus, do not fear the market-myths, and just concentrate on your efforts and 'karma'. IASEXAMPORTAL is soon coming with its Android Application, to help the candidates in their search of quality resources. You may contact us through any means for any further support and advice.

We wish the candidates All the Best!!



GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

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