(Getting Started) IAS Preparation for Undergraduate & CBSE Students

IAS Preparation for Undergraduate & CBSE Students

Civil Services examination is one of the most reputed examinations in India. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year, to recruit the future civil servants of India. No wonder there is craze among the youth for the civil services. The degree of power and status linked with the civil services/IAS needs no explanation. Every year, 5,00,000+ candidates take the civil services examination, to prove their metal. However, taking the IAS exam is no child's play. The preparations need a good amount of time and dedication. Thus, a large number of students dedicate themselves wholeheartedly for the civil services preparation, since their schooling age. However, without proper guidance and support, it becomes hard to crack IAS exam.

Thus, IASEXAMPORTAL dedicates this article to those committed and passionate students, who prepare themselves for the civil services exam, since their schooling days.

But one thing must be acknowledged before moving forward:

  1. If your passion and commitment for Civil services is true, nothing can stop you from getting success. Given the wide scope of the IAS exam, it is the best strategy to dedicate oneself for the civil services as early in life as possible.

  2. Realise the potential of a Student. Being a student you have the ability to cover any size of book in a short span of time. You must have done this many-a-times. however, this might not be possible while preparing for civil services. Thus you need to lay your foundations now, and continue to construct the tower of your knowledge.

Student Life: The Preparatory Stage

It has been rightly said that:
'the mind of a child is like clay, it can be moulded in any shape'.

In your school life, you get the opportunity to learn and study a whole lot of subjects. If you are really serious towards your goal of civil services, you must study what is taught in the school curriculum with dedication.

Why?? because, when you come to the college and start preparing for the civil services examination afresh, you would have to re-study the whole school stuff again. Thus, instead of going to the college without a solid base, you must start developing a comprehensive knowledge base from your school days itself.

You might find this task as tiresome, but remember, it is better to put some effort at the early stages, than to stress your mind later. NCERT Books Notes PDF are great source of knowledge. You must utilize them.

Instead of taking a duel with the heavy and complicated books, you must focus on the basics first.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

What Strategy should be followed?

If you are still in school, but want to prepare for the civil services examination, you must study whatever you are taught in the school curriculum seriously. First, have a good look at the Civil Services syllabus, as it would give you a good idea about the nature and trends of the examination. Once you have gained a good idea of the exam syllabus and scope, you should start preparing at your own speed.

Do not rush through the topics. Since there are still 3+ years for you to be eligible for the exam, you must internalize whatever you read. Thus, take your time, and learn about the various subjects and topics. Do not jump directly to the high-level books. Rather, focus on the NCERT first, and then move gradually to the other study material.

An added advantage can be, if you keep preparing the notes from the various books you read. By maintaining the notes of the things you study, you will be better able to remember and understand the topics. Another advantage would be that it would help you in the long run. click here to see how to read

Coming over to the issue of reading Newspapers, you must have received a whole series of lectures from your near and dear ones, on how important are newspapers for preparing for civil services examination. However, what the elders miss to lecture is- How to read a Newspaper. Newspaper reading is not every person's forte. You need to be selective while reading a newspaper.

Do not read everything that comes before you. Rather, prepare what is relevant. Click here to see how to read a newspaper.

Or, if you find it difficult to read a newspaper everyday, you might also choose to read a good magazine that covers the current affairs. You might also choose to read monthly issues like- THE GIST, which provides you with the important editorials and articles from IAS exam perspective. Or to keep yourself up-to-date, you might subscribe the Weekly Current Affairs.

Also, it is important that you develop a good writing habit. So, you must practice on your writing skills. This would help you to fare well in the Mains. If you decide to take coaching to improve your writing skills, keep in point that it is the content that matters, not the appearance.

IASEXAMPORTAL is soon coming up with a course on writing skills. you may evaluate the course as per your needs and join the same, if you so desire.

Since you have sufficient time available, you must be able to reach the levels required to crack the IAS exam.

Express Points-

  1. If you have decided for your future career in the civil services, you must not waste your time. Study the books prescribed under your school curriculum seriously, as it would help you in the longer run.
  2. Do not jump directly to the complex topics. Rather, take the first step with great care. Take your time and plan ahead.
  3. You have approximately 3-4 years, before you are eligible for the civil services examination. Thus, do not take decisions about your study in haste.
  4. At this point of time, quality is more important than quantity. Thus, your focus should be on doing a qualitative study instead of just going through the topics.

Going to College: The Big Decision

Though the subject of graduation does not matter in the civil services eligibility criterion, but it does matter for your intellectual growth. If you have made a decision about your career, and the optional subject, do not get bogged down by the social forces. Your choice of science, commerce or humanities does not make a difference, if you are determined.

Thus, if you are planning for your future as a civil servant, you must choose your graduation subject which suits your future preparations.

Express Points-

  1. Since you are passionate for the civil services as your future, your choice of graduation should be intelligently made. Choose your subject of interest and pursue your academics accordingly.
  2. Do not fall into the rumors that give hype to particular subjects. You will benefit more if you take a subject that is more beneficial for the exam, that you intend to take in future.
  3. It is very important to cultivate a good reading habit. Read newspapers and magazines. If you find it difficult to read the newspapers daily, you might choose to read the magazines which provide the summary of the current affairs.

For the Parents:

Civil Services Exam is a life changing event. Though you understand the value and prestige that comes with the civil services, it is also necessary to understand the time, effort and devotion that it takes to crack the IAS exam. Thus, if your ward has decided to go for the IAS exam, be supportive.

It is very important to remember that civil services preparations require a good amount of time and devotion. Thus, please do not force your ward to make the extra-efforts. While your support and guidance is what a child needs to excell, an extra pressure can easily backfire. Therefore, be supportive and understanding.

Do not force the child to study more than required. Teach your ward about time management and prioritization of things in life.

At last, but of course, not the least, do not make the child feel as if he/she is wasting his/her time doing civil services. Any parent might get this feeling, looking at the other young people, and that is normal. But you should understand the difference between any other job and the CIVIL SERVICES. Thus, be supportive and encouraging.

Your patience and support would yield long-term benefits for you and your family.

IASEXAMPORTAL is more than happy to guide the budding civil servants of the country. In the coming days, IASEXAMPORTAL would be coming up with several online courses, designed to help the IAS aspirants. In the meanwhile, please feel free to contact our team for further support and assistance.

We wish the aspirants All the Best!!



GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

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