(Getting Started) IAS, Civil Services Preparation for Working Professionals

Civil Services Preparation for Working Professionals

To discuss the nature of the civil services, in India, time and again, is to state the cliche. Given the status and power linked to the All India Services, a large number of working professionals are driven towards the IAS examinations. However, given their tight schedules and engagement in their jobs, it becomes an immensely difficult task to prepare for the civil services examination.

Therefore, IASEXAMPORTAL has made an effort to analyze and discuss the problems faced by the working professionals, while preparing for the IAS exam.

As mentioned in our earlier articles, Preparing a rational study plan is of utmost importance for the working professionals. Given the time constraints and other considerations, a working aspirant can only succeed if he/she chooses a planned strategy.

The Working Environment: An Array of Distractions

A full time employment hardly leaves any time for you to become a disciple of the UPSC. Therefore, you have to be in a distance relationship, and try to maintain the feelings. Like the real-life long distance love stories, dealing with the civil services, while working, is difficult. Also, an injudicious approach towards the UPSC would only lead to a wastage of money and mind. Therefore, put your foot down into the arena of civil services, only if you are committed to it.

Once you have firmly decided to go for it, before starting to go deep into the study-schedules, you need to plan- how would you take time and mind out of your present work, for the IAS exam. Once you are done with this initial planning, you are ready for 'THE COMPETITION'.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

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While working, a number of things invade your mind, and create distractions. Therefore, you would have to draw a line between your work life and your personal life. Do what you are supposed to do at a moment. Thus, Work when you are working, eat when you are eating, sleep when you are sleeping, and most importantly, Study when you are studying. Mixing your different tasks only creates distractions, and hampers your productivity. Thus, Do not mix your different aspects of life.

Now, the biggest problem that a working professional faces is, to get some time to study. For this, we recommend the principle used by, our old friend, Mr. Tortoise- slow and steady wins the race. Studying 10-12 hours a day might not be a rational decision, as it would only raise your stress level. Instead, you must try to devote atleast 3 hours for your civil services studies. Remember, that those three hours should be pure studying and no other consideration. In this regard, the most important thing to remember is that, your study plan should be consistent and without lags.

If you are able to cultivate a habit of devoting, even 3 hours for your IAS exam preparations, on daily basis, you would be able to cover the whole syllabus in a reasonable time. To help you psychologically, just assume that you are doing overtime for your job, and the remunerations for it is in the form of an investment.

Express Points:
  1. Do not mix your professional life and personal life. Work when you are working; and Study when you are Studying.
  2. Try to make a practical Plan, of how you plan to cover the syllabus and do the preparations. Only an effective plan can help you in maintaining a balance in your work and studies.
  3. It is most important to develop a habit of studying on daily basis. Do not let your preparations, to have lags and breaks. If you study daily, you would be able to keep up with the exam schedules.
  4. do not feel that not being able to do the coaching classes would affect your performance. Instead, you can always take the support and assistance from the online courses, that give you convenience and flexibility.
  5. develop a healthy reading habit. You can learn from your job environment. Your practical knowledge also pays in the exam. Thus, do not feel demotivated only because you have a tight schedule and a full time job. In fact, many of the IAS toppers, in the past years, belonged to the category of Working Professionals.

How to Study While Working Full Time!!

One of the prime considerations of a working professional is to decide from where to study. Since the working people have strict time constraints, it is very important that they does not spend their precious time in experimenting with different source materials from the exam point of view. Thus, instead of going out for an expedition in the market, in search of study material, follow a reliable source for your preparations.

Also, since the working people might not be able to enroll for IAS coachings, it is important to remember that coachings does not ensure you success. You can succeed without coaching easily. However, given the time limitations and other constraints, it might be advisable to take some correspondence course from a reliable coaching.

In this regard, an online coaching can be very handy for you. Since you are not able to go for real coaching, you should find it convenient to study online, as it gives the option of preparing 'on the go'. Also, you may subscribe to the online test series to evaluate your preparations.

The Strategy for Working Professionals

It cannot be denied that preparations for IAS examination need an extra effort by the candidates, who are working full-time. But, it is also true that, this does not prevent the working candidates from clearing the IAS exam. The only thing required is a good strategy and dedication.

Prepare your future plans in a practical manner. If you have a plan in mind, you would be able to cover the planned syllabus properly. Do not let your job to become an impediment for your studies. The same principle goes the other way round. Your studies should not hamper your work.

We understand that many of the candidates have to work, full-time, due to some obligations. So, keep your preparations going along with your work.

Secondly, do not waste your time in searching different study material in the market. Instead, spend your time in preparing for the exam, by using the help of a reliable source. You might take help from the IASEXAMPORTAL or any other reputed organization in this field. Take the correspondence courses to expedite your preparations. Since the coaching material is in concise form, and to the point format, you should find it very convenient to study from there.

It might also be difficult for the working candidates, to devote hours reading the newspapers. Therefore, you might choose to prepare the current affairs portion from the current affairs magazines and other such material in the market. See the Gist of newspaper and magazines Additionally, you might find the online courses more convenient, as it gives you the option of accessibility on the go. Thus, we advise the candidates to utilize the information technology to the fullest.

For the Working IT Professionals:

  • many of the aspirants come from the IT background. The hectic schedules in the field does not give much time for good preparations. Thus, such aspirants should focus importantly on devoting time for the IAS preparations. The best strategy is to cultivate a habit of reading from the college days itself. However, even if you get motivated while working as an IT professional, you must derive some time from your busy schedule.

  • You should understand your strength that- an aspirant with a IT background has a capacity to read for long hours, due to your experiences in college. Thus, you must exploit each and every opportunity that comes your way. An added benefit for the IT professionals is their comfort level with the online options, which might be effectively utilized to aid in the preparations. You might use the online coaching courses to aid in your preparations. Thanks to the Indian culture, that we get so many holidays in our professional life that it might actually be possible to get adequate time for preparing for prelims. You might choose to study part-time with your work, when the exams are months away. However, you would have to devote yourself completely for the prelims as and when you reach closer to the exam date. For a plan to study click here.

For the Aspirants Working in the Government Services-

  • there is a great confusion regarding the process through which a government employee should sit for the civil services examination. It is important for the government personnel to first take the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their respective department, regarding the candidate's taking the civil services examination. Not intimating the respective department might create problems in the later stages. Thus, before submitting the form for the civil services prelims, take the NOC from your respective department. Based on the internal rules and regulation of a department, you should file the application in order to take the IAS exam. As compared to the employees of the private sector, it is easier for a working professional of the government sector, to prepare for the civil services. You get many options to take a leave from your job and prepare for your goal. Otherwise, you might prepare while working, as the workload in the government services is relatively lesser.

  • For the Working Female Candidates- there are no specific age or any other relaxations for the female candidates in the IAS exam, except the exemption of the entrance exam fee that is charged for the candidates belonging to the General category aspirants. Thus, the female aspirants shall follow the above mentioned strategy.

Disclaimer: the above mentioned points are mere suggestions, and might not be suitable for all working professionals. The best way to prepare for civil services exam is to prepare a plan, as per your respective profession.

We are always available to guide you, in making decisions and in planning your preparations. Please feel free to contact us, to help you in any way.

We wish the Candidates All the Best!!



GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

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