(GK) Defence & Technology

(GK) Defence & Technology

1. ASTROSAT, India’s first dedicated astronomy satellite is scheduled to be launched in the year

2. Name the National Grid Computing Network developed by C-DAC

3. Which of the following is the missile made in India
a. Nat
b. Agni
c. MIG
d. Arjun
Ans : B

4. The height of Geo-synchronous satellite orbit from earth surface is about
a. 25000 km
b. 39000 km
c. 36000 km
d. 38000 km
Ans : C

5. The Chinese attacked India the year

6. Which operation was undertaken by the paramilitary forces against the terrorists in Punjab in 1988
Operation Black Thunder

7. Which Indian headed the Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission, setup after the Korean war
General Thimayya

8. India’s first nuclear reactor was established at

9. Who was the first Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission setup in 1948
Homi J. Bhabha

10. What is ‘Operation Denim’
a. Joint military exercise conducted by India and Israel
b. Operation against intruders in Rajasthan
c. Project on fencing Indo-Pak border
d. Flood relief operation of the Indian armed forces in Sri Lanka
Ans : D

11. India’s multi-barrel rocket system is

12. National Security Guards specialize in handling
Terrorists, Anti-Hijacking operation

13. India renamed the satellite METSAT as KALPANA. It is dedicated for the study of

14. What is the name given to India’s indigenous state of art integrated electronic warfare system

15. Who is the Supreme Commandant of the Defence forces in India
The President

16. The name of the dog traveled in Sputnik-2 (space vehicle)

17. The first space vehicle launched by USSR was

18. The first Indian minister to visit the Indian Research station at Antarctica was
Kapil Sibal

19. Which of the following is the heaviest satellite launched so far by Indian Space Research Organization
Ans : D

20. Indian Military Academy is located in

21. India’s first wireless cyber cafe ‘ CIRCA 1996’ was opened at

22. India bought Phalcon Radars from which country

23. All Bodo Students Union is a militant organization active in which state

24. National Civil Defence College is situated in

25. Which among the following was formed to counter, communal riots in India
b. Rapid Action Force
c. National Security Guards
d. Home Guards
Ans : B

26. Name the sail ship of the Indian Navy which went around the World from January 2003 to April 2004
INS Tarangini

27. India’s first three-axis stabilized geostationary communication satellite is

28. Ã¢â‚¬ËœEdusat’ is launched with a view to
Making access to qualify education to all with low expenditure

29. BARC is connected with
a. Atomic research
b. Agriculture research
c. Road construction
d. Rural development
Ans : A

30. National Remote Sensing Agency is located at

31. Indian military operation in Kargil in 1999 was named
Operation Vijay

32. The first atomic reactor in India was

33. India’s first tactical surface to surface missile is
a. Agni
b. Prithvi
c. Trishul
d. Brahmos
Ans : B

34. The communication satellite launched by India on 28th September 2003 is

35. The Naval Air station in Andaman Island is called
INS Utkursh

36. The title Marshal of the Air force has so far been given to one person. Who got it
a. Nagendra Singh
b. Manek Sha
c. Arjun Singh
d. Kariappa
Ans : C

37. Inter continental Ballistic Missile of India having a range between 5000 to 10000 Kms is
a. Nag
b. Pinaka
c. Lakshya
d. Surya
Ans : D

38. The Black box is found in
Aero plane

39. India’s first underground nuclear explosion experiment was done at
Pokhran in Rajasthan

40. First communication satellite in the world was

41. Name of the Indian satellite exclusively for education

42. A modern submarine uses ...... as fuel

43. Which chemical weapon was used by German troops during World War I
Mustard gas

44. India’s most sophisticated medium range surface to surface missile

45. Against whom was the American war of independence fought
The British

46. Red Army is the military of
North Korea

47. The satellite launched by NASA to check the health of Earth’s atmosphere

48. The first Indian naval ship to complete a voyage around the globe is
INS Tarangini

49. Name the India’s first geostationary communication satellite

50. Brahmos is a super sonic navel missile of India. It is developed in collaboration with which country


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